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Toca Lab: Elements
In Toca Lab Elements apk players will conduct experiments that will develop an interest in science through these fun little experiments.

About Toca Lab: Elements

Toca Lab: Elements calls for future scientists to have fun and knowledge together with the game. The game is developed specifically for little kids to inspire and intricate the habit of learning in them. let me know what else can one expect from this game with the following sections below:


Toca Lab Elements is a good game for kids where they get to explore science by testing different elements and having fun with them. The game is good to develop curiosity and interest in science from an early age.

This is just the starting as the game has many more things to explore. Playing this game the kids will become capable of recognizing many elements by their color, heaviness, texture, physical state, and many more such properties. And with this process in the end your kid will know all the 118 elements without rotting them from books.

Features Of Toca Lab Elements

Now after completing the game description it's time to take you to your favorite section where you get to know about the special features of the game. The game has a lot to offer to your kid both in the form of fun and knowledge. Let's discuss the feature of the game as follows:

No time limit 

No rules

Science-based themes

Free from any adult content

Amazing graphics

Plenty of tools

Real laboratory tools to inform the kids 

Different levels

No in-app purchases or links 

Brain game

Enhance the curiosity of kids

Not so expensive to buy and play

One time investment 

Toca Lab Elements, as you know, is built especially for editing small kids thus it isn't tough for adults but if you see it from the perspective of a little kid then the game weighs equal in the toughness level to any other adult games. Therefore, it is important to know how to play this game so that you can explain the instructions to your kids thoroughly. The steps to be followed in the game as mentioned as follows: 

Step 1

This is the first step where you have to take up the elements and then spin them in the centrifuge. Do this well and always be cautious while holding the elements, though this is a game and it will not hurt you in the reality of something wrong happening but also remember this thing that everything you do will be captured in your mind which you will respect in real life as well.

Step 2

Next, you have to warm all those elements that you have centrifuged. For this take, one bunsen burner hand puts the elements in a cup and heats them. Again, cautiously light up the bunsen burner and show yourself as a responsible scientist.

Step 3 

Now is the time to cool down the elements. For this take a nice piece, long enough to carry the bowl or cup, and then put the cup on it with some cooling agent to heat the process.

Step 4 

Look at the element and check carefully whether it has cooled down completely. If it has cooled then add one or two drops of liquids. Remember that these liquids aren't any normal liquids but mysterious ones. So, take them out of the test tubes, for that take a dropper, and then pour it into the element.

Step 5

This is the last step of the first level and here you have to change the voltage to make the elements magnetic. This can be done with the help of an oscilloscope, therefore finding it in advance while the elements are kept for cooling.

Are There Any Rewards? 

Yes, there are! The player is rewarded with upgrades and stars when they experiment well and well. Also, the player is promoted to the post of senior scientist after the upgrade. This is to boost the confidence of kids and motivate them to search for more and more elements.

Final Thoughts 

Toca Lab: Elements is a perfect game if you want to develop the kid's curiosity and don't bother to spend a little of your money on it. So, purchase them without any worries and let your child act as a little future scientist and explore the scientific world at his/her little age! 




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