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Monument Valley
Monument Valley is a puzzle game. In the game, the player guides the main character "Princess" Ada through the maze.

About Monument Valley

If you want to play an Indie puzzle game, then you can try out Monument Valley. In this game, you have to go through the complicated castle structure and guide the silent princess Ida into a mesmerizing world. You have to guide her through the hidden paths, and mysterious towers and uncover the illusions to avoid the crow people. Monument Valley is a very interesting Indie puzzle game, where you have to find ways to guide the silent princess and more fun awaits you. To play the game you need to know the tips and tricks. Here, let’s take a look at this guide. 

In the Mountain Valley game you have to guide the silent princess Ida through the various levels of the castle, the optical illusions, avoid the crow people, and more. When you finish one goal of guiding Ida to one place, you will have to start with another. While you play the game, you will get beautiful visuals and a better plot. The game is nothing but filled with optical illusions. You have to look at the challenges, and the more you observe the game, you will understand the illusion. You have to monitor the illusions from every side. You may face a stair that disappears from the other side. All you have to do is to find the illusion and solve it. 

Features of Mountain Valley

Mountain Valley is a single-player puzzle game. You will get one main character here, which is the silent princess, and there will be weird-looking crow people, who would like to play tricks on you. Your task is to guide the princess through the mazes of the castle, and avoid the crow people. 

The levels of this game are amazing. You will never get bored with the illusions. Once you understand the gameplay, you can easily crack the illusions, and guide the princess perfectly through the big castle. Check out the best features of this game.

The game is inspired by the 3D design and minimalist style. 

You will get temples, palaces, and optical illusions everywhere

You can reshape this world of illusion. The game is designed for easy playing and you can complete it without any complications.

Get audio features to change the world of the silent princess, and get beautiful scenery. You can play the game wearing your headphones.

You can play this game on all devices. 

Mountain Valley is an Indie puzzle game. You will enjoy this game of illusion, and you will never get bored playing this puzzle gameplay. You have to manipulate the castle, by twisting and turning it and giving it a shape.  

Once you start playing the game, you will understand more about the illusions, and how to guide the princess through the mazes. To understand this relaxing game, you need to check the step-by-step procedure below. 

Step One: You Have to Begin With Exploring the Place

The first thing you have to do before you guide the silent princess through the landscape is to explore the area. You can move and rotate the area, and check the place before you guide Ida the princess. Check the switches, because the princess can use them. It will also be a good idea if you check the things the princess can communicate with. 

Step Two: Use the Switches and Pulleys

You will find levels where the crow people will try to damage the switches, and you have pressed on them. You have to stop them from doing such things. You can use a barricade or a pulley to divert the crow creatures. But you have to keep track of the time too. 

Step Three: If the Princess Is Missing, You Can’t Make a Move

You have to keep in mind that, the princess should be visible all the time. If she disappears, you can’t make a move. You can take her through the rounds, if you have to move her through a close corner, or want to make a different move, make sure Ida is visible. This way whatever you plan, it will work. 

What Are the Rewards?

One of the interesting things about this game is, that you will gain no points. You will not lose in this game, and you will not win either. You just have to avoid the crow people, crack the illusions and guide the silent princess through the castle. The beautiful audio and scenery will guide you towards the end. 

Mountain Valley is an Indie puzzle game. Here, you get to explore the beautiful landscape, enjoy the relaxing audio, and guide the silent princess through the ever-changing castle. 

You will not lose or win in this game, and not earn any points. You just have to guide Ida, and avoid the crow people. If you love playing this puzzle game, you can share your valuable thoughts, so that other puzzle game lovers can get more assistance and have fun.




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