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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!
Tiles Hop EDM Rush is a fun music game with cool neon graphics, rich music tracks, and simple gameplay.

About Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!

Tiles Hop EDM Rush is a unique game designed by Amanotes Pte Ltd. You will love this game since you can play songs with new characters and get the highest score by touching the tiles. You need to follow the flow and play your favorite songs. But you cannot miss tiles if you want to score high. Also, you will appreciate its touch and drag controls. You can explore Tiles Hop EDM Rush, enjoy your favorite songs, and progress in a musical setting. You will have options in guitar songs, rocks, piano, and EDM masterpieces, and you can choose any based on your preferences. Besides, you can unlock thousands of songs and get free one hundred diamonds daily with active participation. You can play it for free and enjoy it more without ads. You can also consider combos and add ball games, tiles, and hit songs to achieve more. You can go through the following to know this game and have unlimited fun. 

You will find Tiles Hop EDM Rush super entertaining. You can touch, hold, and drag the balls and make them jump on tiles. While doing so, you cannot miss any tiles if you want to dominate the game. Also, you can enjoy your songs by uploading them. Each game song will have different challenges. Hence, you will have to be watchful to perform well. You can get the highest score by touching the tiles. You can unlock new music and videos while playing this game. You can focus on the nearest tile if you do not want to fail. The objective is to touch every tile and progress fast. Try to get many perfect moves in a row and receive rewards.

Features of the Tiles Hop EDM Rush

Tiles Hop EDM Rush has many user-friendly features to make the game fun and entertaining for players. There will be different types of challenges in every song. Understand the challenges, observe game songs and balls, and focus on tiles. Unlock new songs and features and be watchful of every step. Here are more features to make the game exciting for you.

Easy to play with one-touch control

Inspiring 3D effects to add charm

More than thirty relaxing and fun songs

More than twenty different backgrounds to create new experiences

Rewards and beautiful skins for balls

Connect and share your game score with your friends

Challenge your friends and have more fun

Tiles Hop EDM Rush is all about touching the balls to tiles, and you will have to touch every tile to score high and win the game. Hence, your objective is to watch the nearest tiles and move the ball carefully. You can make a row while touching tiles and get more scores and rewards. The rewards will make your character more powerful. Here are the step-by-step instructions to make the game easier for you.

Step One: Go with the Flow

You can focus on tiles while playing this game. The objective is not to miss any tile to score high. Since any mistake will impact your score, you can plan every move carefully. Use headphones to avoid any distractions. You can hear all the sounds clearly and avoid mistakes.

Step Two: Save Diamonds

You will get diamonds after completing a few tasks. You can save diamonds for challenging songs. Diamonds are the game money, and you can use them to buy balls and new songs in the game.

Step Three: Try for Perfects

Perfects can give you rewards, and you can use game rewards for different things in the game. You can see a white diamond glowing once you hit a ball in the middle of tiles. White glow means a perfect move and can have many in a row.

What Are the Rewards?

You can receive rewards after completing some achievements. The game rewards might be diamonds and unlocking new songs. Also, you can receive some after ten perfect landings in a row. However, some achievements will require more effort and focus, and you will have to keep trying.

Tiles Hop EDM Rush can entertain you the most when you can achieve perfect landings. It is possible with careful observations. Play the game, share your records with your friends, and help beginners to perform better. Feel free to share your experience.




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