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Thanksgiving Coloring Book!
Happy turkey day all year long! Keep your kids, grandparents and yourself entertained for hours with our Thanksgiving coloring book game.

About Thanksgiving Coloring Book!

As the Thanksgiving is coming, you must be preparing to have a grand feast. While you are busy in the preparation of the celebration, you need to find something that can keep your kids busy and happy too in this celebration. How about a mobile game that can help them to have some fun coloring? Doesn’t that sound great? Then, you must have the Thanksgiving Coloring Book! . This is a coloring e-book which your kids will surely love.

Overview of Thanksgiving Coloring Book!

Does your kid love coloring? If yes, then you can make them draw as well as color different coloring pages that are themed for fall season and Thanksgiving. Some of the popular figures that your kid can draw or color in this app are – Native Americans, happy turkeys, a family gathering and pilgrims. There are more like harvest scenes and different types of foods.

While this is a great game to keep your kids busy and entertained, it can also be something from which your kids can learn. The best part of this gaming app is that it is not only meant for the kids. It can be great for people of every age group. Hence, it can be a great activity for the entire family.

Main Features:

The Thanksgiving Coloring Book! mobile gaming app comes with some amazing features. These features can make the game even more interesting and exciting. Some of the best features are:

Free to play mobile game

Perfect for every age 

Easy to color and draw

Interesting photos with fall and Thanksgiving theme

200 colors with different pencil sizes

Auto-fill coloring bucket is there

Convenient and effortless coloring

Benefits of Thanksgiving Coloring Book!

The most important question that many people ask about this game is whether or not it is beneficial for the kids. While the mobile games can be distracting for the kids, this can bring a change for them. It can provide them with fun and excitement while making them color and draw different things. Hence, it can be quite beneficial. Some of the best benefits of Thanksgiving Coloring Book! are:

You can keep your kids engaged and entertained in the best way possible

With different photos to color, your kids can never get bored of it

Various colors to choose from to draw and paint the pictures

It can bring the feel of the Thanksgiving for your kids and your entire family

You can change the different settings to acquire the right pencil size 

Even your kids can use the pinch and zoom feature to color the most intricate details

This can make them learn while having fun

There are no complicated rules to play this game. As this game is more of an educational activity, you just need to follow the steps mentioned here.

1. Firstly, you must add this game to your Android/IOS mobile device.

2. once you have done that, you can open the game and select the painting or colouring mode

3. you will be able to browse through several images and pictures with the theme of Thanksgiving

4. choose the colour you want and click on that image

5. Now, when you start colouring, you can choose the size of the brush.

6. If you want to cover a larger area, choose a larger size for better convenience.

7. You can choose a smaller size to fill in the smallest details, intricately.

8. You can also choose an auto-fill paint bucket to paint a larger area 

9. Once you have finished, the Thanksgiving Colouring Book! also allows you to save the image.

As you can see from the steps above, this game is quite easy and fun. Kids as well as adults will love it and they will enjoy spending some quality time colouring and relaxing.

Let’s Play

What are you waiting for? Start playing today with the "Thanksgiving Colouring Book! , jin'x colour or draw what you want.You and your kids will surely love this mobile gaming app for sure. It is available for free but you can make some in-app purchases too if you want. Overall the game is quite good! So, start drawing and coloring with this. Once you use this gaming app, make sure to share your thoughts about in the comment section. 






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