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Subway Surfers

About Subway Surfers

Parkour is one of the most exciting games in the "gaming world". It's easy to learn, but it's not so easy to get through. Dodge obstacles and go for it.

Subway Surfers is one of the most popular parkour games in the world and is loved by many players. The game is different from other parkour games in that it has a quirky style of painting, a cheerful soundtrack and is completely easy to play without too much complication! It is also very user-friendly for those who are not good at parkour games, making it easier and more enjoyable to race.

The game's graphics are gorgeous and exquisite, the colour scheme is very comfortable, and the cartoon characters are quite cute. 3D stereoscopic view and beautiful game scenes, the picture quality is very clear to give people a strong sense of immersion, in this experience, every player is happy to feel the most exciting parkour journey.

Subway Surfers game highlights.

1、Multiple characters can be used, different characters will bring you a different game experience.

2, the game also provides a wealth of props total category, the key time to use will produce an intentional effect.

3、The game is easy to play with a large amount of free level content to play to your heart's content.

4, the painting style is very fine, dazzling parkour action looks pleasing to the eye, to bring the player a different feeling.

5, keep running forward to avoid obstacles and enjoy the unique charm of racing along the way!

If you are interested in Subway Surfers and want to experience its charming features, then don't hesitate to join in!

In Subway Surfers, players take on the role of Jake, a boy who loves parkour and often meets up with his friends to run on the tracks, which is no doubt fraught with danger, with the police chasing after them to stop them. All the player has to do is help Jake and his naughty friends to avoid the police, while the trains add to the challenge of the game.

Gameplay: Throughout the game the player only needs one finger to carry out various challenges.

1, the player control the character to the left slide to let the character to move left operation.

2、Control the character and slide to the right to move the character to the right.

3、Control the character to slide forward to control the character to jump.

4、Control the character to slide backward to control the character's sliding operation.

High score tips: The game will drop a lot of gold coins on the track, you should take as many coins as possible so that the score will be high, and then use the game props wisely, it can let you run faster and farther, when the key to use is an important means to save your life.

Subway Surfers has a number of props along the way, such as double money, a flying backpack that instantly turns into a superhero, a skateboard with two lives, a magnet that automatically sucks in money and more. These props are a great help if you want to get a high score. The rules of the game are simple: keep running through the game and if you hit an obstacle or get caught by the police behind you, the game will end. The characters can be changed, but you have to complete some difficult challenges to unlock them or you can get them by opening mystery chests. The currency in the game is mainly gold coins, which can be collected and used to purchase and upgrade for longer periods of time.



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