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Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley comes to Mobile! Move to the countryside, and cultivate a new life in this award-winning open-ended farming RPG!

About Stardew Valley

Rural life is quite different from the city one, keeping this thing in mind the game developers have tried to make - Stardew Valley which lets people know how the village life is. In this context, let's discuss this game and develop an interest in trying this crazy game!

Stardew Valley is based on rural life where you have to get to the countryside and use the large patches of unused land for farming. You have to live life as a native villager and get used to their activities. 

The game has many tasks like breeding animals, getting married, participating in cultural programs, doing mining work, exploring mysterious caves,  feeding animals, and many more interesting tasks. To know more about different aspects of this game stay tuned with the post till the end!

Features Of Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an award-winning game, it is loved by billions of players that are following it from different corners of the globe. Want to know why it is so? This is because of its amazing features and gameplay. Let's know the features of Stardew as follows: 

Plenty of features

In-game purchases

Not so expensive to play 

Amazing 3D graphics and themes

Many tasks to accomplish

Rich rural life to live 

Now it's time to discuss the other most important part of this game which is How To Play. Though the game is easy because of its many features you needed to know the instructions of the game :

Step 1 

First, you have to build a lively farmhouse. You can build it on your overgrown fields. You can add many varieties of bricks and other decorative items to make the farm look beautiful. Wondering whether you'll be all alone at the farmhouse? No, because you can read a lot of animals there and give them all the love and care.

Step 2 

Next, you have to grow a variety of crops in the fields that are near your farmhouse. You can choose one, two, or as many crops as you want to grow because the fields are very large.

Step 3 

In this step, you have to customize your home and farms according to the way you want as you know that there are many animals in your farmhouse which were not there initially. Therefore you need to expand it so that the animals and other workers in your farmhouse don't feel congested.

Step 4

Now you need to settle down. How? By getting married and starting your family. Get your partner with the 12 potential candidates for marriage. Choose any one among them.

Step 5

After starting your family you have to become a part of the society and village community. For that, you have to visit and attend the functions, take part in the seasonal festivals, etc organized by the villagers.

Step 6 

The game doesn't end by just participating in cultural events of the village and becoming a part of that community as you have to work more than ever before. Now you have to explore the mines, fight the dangerous monsters, and find the treasure hidden in the mysterious caves and many more things.

Are There Any Rewards 

Yes, there are virtual currencies that you will get after the accomplishment of every big task as a reward. Further, your tools will also be upgraded as a part of it. There are many more rewards that you'll know only when you'll try your hand at this wonderful game!

Final Thoughts 

Stardew Valley as the name suggests is a perfect game to live life in a natural habitat far from the noise of city life. The game might seem a little expensive to you and thus it can also be the reason for you not trying it. But to tell you the fact that all the features in this game are worth this money, you won't get any third party interference in the game which disturbs you while playing and many such benefits. 

So, are you now ready to spend a little part of your pocket money buying Stardew Valley? Yes, then go and get this entertainment today!




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