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Minecraft is a highly free-form sandbox game where you'll be able to build the world of your dreams!

About Minecraft

Minecraft, a sandbox game developed by Microsoft's Mojang Studios, was released on 18 November 2011 and has been a hit with players worldwide since its launch, thanks to its highly free-form gameplay.

In the Minecraft game world, players will be free to create anything, arranging and overlapping blocks to build a variety of castles, how they are arranged and overlapped is undefined, it will all depend on the player's idea. In addition, the 3D world is full of resources such as plants and ores. Choose an open map, cut down the trees in the area and build your house, be it a high building or a castle? Gather ores in the wild, fill your backpack with them and create whatever you want!

This simple game is full of individuality, it can meet your every need, but it is also suitable for all ages, whether you are an adult or a child, whether you like physics or mathematics, you can find your own piece of the world in this open game! Minecraft has no goals, no style, in Minecraft players can Feel free to be yourself, it's up to the player to decide how to start the game and how to create things. You can also invite your friends to join you in associating and battling zombies.

It's fair to say that Minecraft is a game with an educational twist, as it encourages more people to build what they want! Start a new world with your friends in this open pixel world!

Minecraft is so simple to play that even if you're a new player, you'll master the essence of the game in under ten minutes! Overlap and arrange the squares to create any building. There are five modes, and the gameplay varies slightly between them.

Survival mode, as the name suggests, is where survival is the only objective of the game. In survival mode the player will search for resources to make weapons and for food to fight off hunger.

Adventure Mode, which does not allow players to create, is largely similar to Survival Mode, but with the difference that placement of cubes is limited and players will gain the items and experience they need from Adventure Mode.

In Creation mode, players will have unlimited resources to create as much as they want, using their imagination to create a world of their own!

Bystanders can view the prop bar etc. but cannot use, place cubes, walk through any entity or cube without interacting with it. Click on entities to see from their point of view, but cannot make contact with squares. In Observer mode with a double click on another player (creature) you can look at that player's (creature's) point of view.

Extreme mode is the same as Survival mode, except that in this mode the difficulty will be fixed to Hard and only one life will be given, failing which the system will automatically delete the file or change to Spectator mode.

Techniques such as stacking of cubes are common in all modes.



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