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Dude Theft Wars: Offline Games

About Dude Theft Wars: Offline Games

Dude Theft Wars is a physics based game with funny action gameplay. This open world game is available both in an online multiplayer mode and offline mode as well.

It is loaded with a lot of packed missions that you have to decide and complete to proceed in the game . Let's know further how you can play the offline version of the game and what's the motive behind it as follows: 

Dude Theft Wars: Offline Games as the name suggests is a stealing game in which you have to explore the town and shops in it . The game doesn't end just by exploring the shop and stealing them but you have to proceed further and find new missions and complete them . There are several ways from where you'll get the missions: sandbox cheat codes are one among them. Decode the cheat codes and head towards your missions . It's not going to be easy to steal the shop , there'll be people and police who will stop you from looting them . So, there you can use your armaments or guns to shoot them and continue in the mission . 

There are different levels in the game that get difficult as you head towards them . Collecting the rewards and claiming them will give you cash that you can use for buying weapons or getting into the next level directly .Now let's look how you can play the game and become a pro as follows: 

Feature Of Dude Theft Wars 

Now, you know that the Dude Theft Wars game is no less than a full time entertainment and is one of the best fun ragdoll games with online multiplayer features available. But are there any more features of this game which makes it more interesting? Yes , there are , which are as follows: 

Among the free ragdoll and open world games

Have online multiplayer player mode available for free

Loades with a lot of fun and action

Fps shooting in the open world

Upto sixteen multiplayers can access the game 

Realistic ragdoll physics and shooting challenges

Funny sandbox action driving simulator

Find cheat codes and secrets in the sandbox 

A beautiful city to explore 

Dude Theft Wars is going to be very addictive to you if you get to know the art of playing it . Though it seems easy from the description it is not as there are many other things also in the game. Let's not discuss everything here and know every little thing in each stage as follows: 

Stage  1- Check The Map And Explore The Town 

It is very important that before you leave to rob the shops, check the map carefully and mark places where there are numerous shops and wealthy people. Then visit those markets or places first that are very rich and rob them. Don't forget to carry your baseball bat with you so that you don't miss hitting people when they head towards you to stop you. 

Stage 2 -Upgrade Your Weapons 

Spend the money that you have stolen on buying the new weapons so that next time any police officer tries shooting you, you don't back down and fire him/her in return.  

Stage 3 - Pay The Fine If Caught 

There is no doubt that for doing violent activities you'll be arrested when caught but no worries as just pay the fine and get out of the lockup. Gear up your bike and leave to rob the city again.

Stage 4 - Decode The Cheat Codes 

So, yes, you can consider this stage as the last one where you have to find the sandbox simulator and cheat codes in that. Get those cheat codes decoded and start your new missions as soon as possible. This doesn't mean that the game ends here. No, because the missions will lead you to more missions and levels where you have to follow similar rules! 

What About Rewards? 

Yes, there are! Complete your missions. , watch ads, and claim rewards to get the money. You can store this wealth along with your stolen one and then get your weapons upgraded in return for that. 

Dude Theft Wars allows you to access entertainment for free and sharpen your mind while decoding the cheat codes. So, what are you waiting for now, go and start enjoying fun with this amazing game!






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