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My Talking Angela 2
My Talking Angela 2 is the virtual pet game that makes every day more stylish and fun. Players help this fashionable cat stay busy in her big-city hom

About My Talking Angela 2

《My Talking Angela 2 》game is all about a cat named Angela who is normal. How? Because it can perform many functions like us humans as she can dance, bake and also is a fashion expert. Angela has a big home which is no less than a city where she stays up all day and does her favorite things. Therefore, if you like dancing, baking, and getting ready then this game is for you!


Talking cat Angela is bored at her home, you have to make her busy. Play the game by dressing her with the latest fashionable things like jewelry, makeup, shoes, dresses, etc. Organize parties and give her opportunities to bake food for herself and other people.

My Talking Angela 2 Features

This game offers several features to the player. There is no doubt that you will enjoy this game even more after learning about these features. Ready to find out? Please read the following.

Can do as many as possible hairstyles

Can use the best makeup kit ever

Perform many dances and art styles

Cook your favorite food anytime with delicious ingredients available all the time

Can test your skills with amazing and brain-challenging mini puzzles and games

Get your brand new sticker collection and feel wow!

Can make in-app purchases very easily

Easy to manage subscriptions and cancel them whenever you want

Realistic virtual currency

Though this game is quite easy, this can be only for you and not for your younger one for whom you have downloaded this game. Therefore, to teach him/her how to play this game it is better that you first know everything in sequence and then proceed further to teach anyone or use it yourself as well properly. The instructions are as follows:

Stage 1: Check Every Tool Properly

Angela has a very big home as you now know so it is very important first that you check which thing is kept here and how many rooms are there and for what purpose so that you need not unnecessarily panic running here and there just for a single thing.

For instance see where is her makeup room, what kind of vanity she has, where is her kitchen and what ingredients are there to cook some delicious food, what songs she has on her playlist, and many more such things

Stage 2: Dress Angela

Next, you have to dress Angela in her beautiful designer dresses, do her makeup with her branded makeup kit, and let her wear matching fashionable shoes or heels.

Stage 3: Cook Delicious Dishes

Now after Angela has got ready she might be hungry and need some breakfast. So, who's gonna cook that for her? Of course Angela herself. Therefore go straight to the kitchen, collect all the cooking ingredients in one place and make Angela's favorite dish and let her serve it for herself.

Stage 4: Play The Song

After doing everything now it's time to do some dance and enjoy. Play your favorite songs and let Angela show her mover on them. No doubt Angela is a good dancer and dances like a pro. Hold on for a few seconds and then change the song and make moves with her until she gets tired. Then take some rest and follow the next stage as follows:

Stage 5: Solve The Puzzles

Angela is not only a fashion lover but is also a brainy girl. She likes to solve mini puzzles and play mini-games so that she can be called beauty with a brain. Thus, get some puzzles and solve them to check your skills.

Are There Any Rewards?

Yes, as you finish every task whether it is getting ready or cooking breakfast properly and that too under given time then you will be provided with some points every time for that. Collect those points, turn them into virtual currency and buy new things like clothes, makeup kits, baking ingredients, and other fashion and necessary accessories.

The Talking Cat Angela 2 is an easy-to-play game with a dream life that everyone wants to live. The game not only offers you realistic virtual currencies but access to many features for free.

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