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Angry Birds POP
Join your pals in Angry Birds in this super addictive bubble shooting game and pop the fun in an almost endless challenge!

About Angry Birds POP

Hone your slingshot skills… Time to pop some bubbles while felling some piggies!

So, the old slingshot is back, though not in the way originally envisioned! This time, you will not be charging against enemy fortresses but, rather, “bubbles”. Trust me, as weird as that sounds, it will make sense! 

Angry Birds POP was originally launched under the title Angry Birds Stella POP! featuring characters from the female Stella line. However, Rovio decided in favor of inclusivism by bringing back the original male feathered buddies, making this the only game in the series to cater to both male and female players. I, for one, welcome this change, though you may agree to disagree.

In any case, this is one of those spin-offs in which Rovio decides to take on an already-existing formula and twist it by using some of the tropes from the AB franchise. This time, they “ripped off” the mechanics from Bubble Witch Saga 2 (which was released six months earlier) and, although the similarity is not readily apparent, once you see it, you can’t unsee it!

Speaking of “seeing”, the game looks marvelous, as usual. The colors literally pop out of the screen (even if you don’t have an AMOLED display) and the physics are also very intuitive and fun. I likewise enjoy the whole jungle theme and the music that plays in the background. Add to this the addictive sound effects and the variety of scenarios and you end up getting the quality gaming experience that Rovio doesn’t skimp on delivering time and time again.

Your main objective in this game is to destabilize the piggies that are shielded by barriers made of colorful bubbles. To do this, you must fling bubbles with the slingshot so that they pop three or more bubbles of matching colors located at the top half of the screen. You’ll have a limited number of shots per level, so aim carefully!

The challenges somewhat change depending on the level. In some instances, you will have piggies protected by additional barriers made of wooden planks or protective gear. In others, you’ll find bubble contraptions that rotate as you fling. Throughout the course of your playthrough, you’ll correspondingly be offered a series of boosters that will ease your chances of success.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Apart from the regular match-3 games, you also get to participate in various events as you reach certain levels. For example, you can play a jackpot-style mini-game called the “Temple of Fortune” which, as you might imagine, tests your luck rather than your skills. I don’t mind these RNG (“Random Number Generator” for the uninitiated) mechanics as long as the game also rewards you for your skills.

As is the case with virtually all match-3 games, you are granted a limited number of “lives” (I’d call them “failure allowances”). Each time you fail, you lose a life. When you reach a point where you’re out of lives, you must endure a waiting period. 

Fortunately, this waiting period is not too punishing, so you won’t be forced to pay with your hard-earned cash unless you can’t bear spending any second without firing your trusty slingshot around. What’s more, the game only punishes players who lose and not those who dare trespass an arbitrary game time threshold.

On a related note, this game is not what you would call a pay-to-win, albeit it may feel like it once you get to very advanced levels (this could be genuinely debated, though I’d argue you can squeeze some generous mileage out of this game till it gets to that point.) Surely, you can purchase boosts with gems which may be earned via rewards (or bought with gold coins which, in turn, are sold for real-life money, but that’s optional). Still, thankfully, you’re not absolutely required to spend a dime to enjoy the game unless you feel like it.

The game does have some difficulty spikes here and there but, as far as I can attest, nothing worth complaining about too much.

Angry Birds POP is, without question, one of the best bubble shooters on Android and iOS as of this date, and a testament of how Rovio and Outplay can excel at virtually every genre they approach. If you’re a sucker for matching tile games, then this is one game I’d undoubtedly recommend that you try out.

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