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Play beautiful music and make your musical dreams come true in Beatstar, the music model game!

About Beatstar

Is music a part of your life and do you love it? Create music and play different tunes now with the next generation mobile game in the music genre. IIf you are looking for such a mobile game, then you can join - Beatstar.You can experience this new type of music and rhythm game simply by touching the blocks. Enjoy all the amazing features and gameplay of this game for free! Sounds interesting? Well, it is! Learn more about this game below.

This mobile game is surely the best one that you can enjoy. Being in the top 3 best music-genre mobile game, you can get an idea already that how popular this game is. The best part is that you can have this game for free.But you can make some in-app purchases in order to enhance your game experience. 

Talking about the gameplay, this game is all about following the rhythm of your favorite song. You have tap and swipe to the vocals, beats and instruments. You can master your favorite song as well as experience them in a different way. You have to make sure that you are keeping up with every beat in this game to win the best score. 

You can discover new song as well as play any song that is your favorite. The graphics is quite smooth and also the gameplay is quite easy. There is no complication when it comes to playing this game. There are different songs of all the famous artists that you can play in this game. 

This game offers a new and unique experience to the people who love games. Once you know how to play Beatstar, it is the easiest yet the best game that you can enjoy. Swipe, tap and touch all the notes to win – that is all about this game. You will be rewarded after every win. 

Main Features

This game comes with different features that can make this game even more interesting and attractive. If you want to know more about this game, then here is the list:

1. Tap, touch and swipe different music and tunes 

2. Comes with a collection of best songs from famous artists

3. Discover new unheard songs from artists

4. Share your new music with the friends

5. You can challenge others and climb up in the leaderboard

6. Master any song in order to unlock new songs

Playing Beatstar is very easy and simple. But you have to be focused while playing this game. As this is a musical game, it is important to concentrate on each and every beat. You cannot miss any beat. To play, follow these steps:

Choose the song

Once you have added the mobile game app, you must click on it to open it. After opening the app, you can choose from the different songs available in the app. Choosing that song, you can go ahead to play the tunes. 

Tap on the beat

The music that you will select will start playing the tune and you will have to tap on the beats to play that. Make sure to play each and every beat. Do not miss any. If you master a song completely, you can collect exclusive rewards and unlock new songs too.

Challenge anyone

This game comes with a challenging mode too. You can challenge your friends to play a particular song. You can challenge them to beat you. This can be quite a fun and interesting way to brag about your mastery. 

Top the leaderboard

The main aim of this game is to climb in the ranks. You can climb steadily based on how well you play the beats. You can also climb ranks by winning the challenges against your friends. 

Play Now

Nothing can get better than playing Beatstar with your friends. So, what are you waiting for? Join the game today for free and then challenge your friends to play the game with you. Win it against your friends and move up the rank. Download today and play it! Once you start enjoying the game, make sure to visit us and leave your valuable comment in the comment section here. This can be helpful for the new players too.




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