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Bloons Monkey City
Build, upgrade and customise your very own Bloons Monkey City in this groundbreaking city building and tower defence game!

About Bloons Monkey City

Pop alien bloons to expand your city in Bloons Monkey City, remember to do your research. 

Bloons Monkey City starts with the Monkey King telling you about the situation in Monkey City. he says that the land around the city is available, but it is infested with alien bloons. First you have to pop them all before taking the land.

The monkey general shows you the ropes for the first bloon popping expedition. The bloons will enter the map through the arrow marked, and it will move down the path towards the exit. You station monkeys around to pop the bloons to prevent them from reaching the exit. Each bloon that successfully escapes will mean that you lose a life. First you get a dart monkey, every bloon it pops you gain a coin. You can make the game go faster using the speed button on the right.

After the first game, the king teaches you how to build buildings before giving you some tasks to complete. Once you are familiar with how the game works, you can start to expand your city one terrain at a time. Aim to capture easy terrain to gain more land so you can build monkey soldiers. 

While popping bloons are how you expand your territory, building your city is the more important part of Bloons Monkey City. You need land to build schools to train monkeys and build weapons, which in turn makes you able to withstand a bloon onslaught. 

When you tap on a tile, the game tells you the difficulty level on the top, with the types of bloons in the play. You will also get a budget for the monkeys. The map you are playing and which monkeys and tools are ideal in the game. At the bottom are the rewards, the purple points and the cash if you win the game. 

At the battle ground, the top left corner will tell you how many rounds there are in total. Below the round number is the cash you have to buy monkeys and weapons. The heart icon is the amount of lives, or the amount of bloons that can escape before you lose the game. The ruby looking bloonstone is the premium currency, which you can use to launch special powers in game.

Monkey Versus Monkey

When you build a Bloontonium Inflation Factory, you will have access to Bloontonium. When you have enough Bloontonium, the monkey versus monkey option opens. You can now attack other tribes, and you also have to defend yourself against enemies. You send blons to attack other cities as well. Successfully protecting your city against an attack will earn you bloontoniums, which you can use to send your own bloons as revenge. You can choose your attack strength as well as types of bloons to send, and they will cost bloontonium. 

Building A City

The cash you gain when you win the fight goes into your main bank cache, where you can use it to build buildings for resources, train monkeys or research bloons. Expand your territory so you can have banana farms that generate income, and a bank to keep cash. Each building chews up power, so make sure you have enough power generators like windmill and watermill. To get more monkeys in the game, you have to build training grounds. While the dart monkeys are the cheapest, you can not rely on them alone to win the game. 

Monkey Teams

There are many types of monkeys in the game, you start with a normal dart monkey. After getting enough land, you get to build other training for ninja, snipe or boomerang monkeys. These monkeys have unique skills and are able to withstand an onslaught of bloons. You should also invest in spike factories and cannons, because they are your contingency against strong ones like lead bloons.

Remember to build research facilities and monkey academy to upgrade your monkey team. Special skills like multiple targets, ability to shoot camo bloons will be important as the difficulty level increases. When you click on a tile, pay attention to the number of bloons and the color. Red bloons are the easiest to pop, and the ceramic bloons are the hardest to pop. Do you have a strategy to share? You are welcome to share your game experience in the comment area below so that more people will like this game!




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