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Doodle Jump
Doodle Jump is a fun and skillful game in which you have to keep the little doodle spring monster jumping up and down.

About Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump: Jump to Your Heart's Content in This Addicting Mobile Game 

Doodle Jump is a highly addicting casual mobile game where you jump through platforms to get into different fantasy worlds. Thanks to its fairly simple gameplay and fun graphics, it's the perfect casual and re-playable mobile game to pass the time or ease your boredom!

Are you interested to know more? If you are, here's everything you need to know about Doodle Jump below. Just a little warning, though: this game is very addictive!

Game Description 

Doodle Jump was developed by Lima Sky and was officially released in March 2013. If you're looking for a simplistic game similar to Draw a Stickman EPIC 2 Pro, Doodle Jump's straightforward but exciting gameplay will surely keep you hooked. With that said, here are some of the game experiences awaiting you below in Doodle Jump!

Jump towards platforms and go as high as you can 

The game's main objective is to jump from one platform to another and to go as high as you can! After all, the higher you go, the higher your total points will be. But of course, jumping your way through this game isn't as easy.

After all, you'll have to be wary of broken, moving, disappearing, and exploding platforms hindering your exploration. Besides that, there will also be many other obstacles and monsters on various platforms. These include UFOs, bear traps, and even some suspicious-looking black holes!

Leap through various fantasy worlds 

The fun never ends in Doodle Jump as you leap through various fantasy worlds. Some of these amazing fantasy worlds include a space-themed area, a jungle location, a snowy land, and even a funky 80s-themed place. There are a total of twelve worlds to explore, so make sure to explore all those worlds for a fulfilling experience!

Show off your skills by accomplishing missions, collecting achievements, and 

topping the leaderboards 

There are various in-game missions that you can accomplish in this game in exchange for various game rewards. There are more than 100 missions to complete in the game, ensuring you'll have a blast collecting these shiny rewards to show off to your friends. And if you want to show off your skills in the game further, you can beat other players' high scores and top the game's global leaderboards!

Doodle Jump is the perfect game to play if you're after a non-stressful and enjoyable game. But if you're still not sure how to play this addicting mobile game, here's a helpful guide you can refer to below:

Tilt the screen to move from left to right and land on platforms 

Your little character will need to bounce from one platform to another with your help! To make sure that he goes on the right path, make sure to tilt your screen to move him from side to side. Make sure your character lands on platforms as you move higher and higher.

Do note that the higher you go, the fewer platforms there will be. And as stated above, beware of the various obstacles and abnormal platforms in your path. Find a way to make it to the top unscathed to secure a jaw-dropping high score!

Tap the screen to blast the bad guys away 

Aside from minding the platforms your adorable character lands on, there will also be bad guys or monsters that'll block your path. Luckily, you can shoot them away by repeatedly tapping on your device's screen. Ensure that your character is aiming at the monsters as he shoots to take them down.

Interact with power-ups to boost your performance 

Some platforms will also contain a wide variety of mysterious items. These are power-ups, and interacting with these items will boost your performance in the game. These include trampolines, spring, jet packs, and other valuable items that'll give you a boost and a higher score!

Not everyone is fit or in the mood to play hardcore games with complex mechanics. And games such as Doodle Jump prove that not every game has to be hardcore just for it to be enjoyable. Thanks to its bright, colorful graphics and simple mechanics, Doodle Jump is an ideal game to play while waiting for the bus to arrive or if you're bored while staying home.

Meanwhile, if you have already played this game, feel free to share some of your experiences with it in the comments. Who knows, your experience might compel other players to check this game out!




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