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Epic Seven
You will be able to manage an unforgettable group of warriors. Powerful RPG elements enhance the plot, such as intense battles and massive guild wars.

About Epic Seven

Epic Seven is an anime gacha RPG that’s incredibly accessible. If you want to build a team of fantasy heroes, do battle with powerful foes, and upgrade your favorite characters, it’s one of the best games around.

Epic Seven is a 2d fantasy RPG with a strong anime art style. The indirect goal of Epic Seven is to build a team of powerful characters and take down a variety of challenges. A strong team will give you lots of options including proving yourself in the Abyss, doing battle with other players, and farming efficiently for gear in Hunts or Expeditions. 

A Stylish RPG

Epic Seven utilizes wonderfully drawn anime sprites for its characters and features outlandish, over-the-top animated sequences for several of their powerful attacks. Playing the game itself is fun, with combat feeling like a classic team-based RPG. Varied game modes ensure that you won’t get too bored of a single activity. It’s a great way to scratch your role-playing itch on the mobile device of your choice. Best of all, the game has been out for a couple of years now, so the story has plenty of content and you’ll get all of the quality of life benefits of the game’s regular patch cycle.

A Generous Gacha

Like many other freemium games, Epic Seven utilizes a “gacha” system for acquiring new characters. In order to add characters to your team, you’ll have to “pull” these characters from a lottery. With a 1% (or smaller) chance of getting the character you want, you’re often pressured into spending real-life money so that you can get the characters your team needs.

Epic Seven is very different from most gacha games. While pull rates might seem low (120 pulls to guarantee a unit on most banners), the game is quite generous with its free rewards. Most free-to-play players can pull a featured five-star unit from a banner about once a month, which is pretty good. You won’t be able to get literally every new character without spending any money, but you can get incredibly close.

Additionally, many three and four-star units are exceptionally powerful, old units receive buffs to help them compete with newly released characters, and the main character of the campaign (who everyone gets for free) is often buffed to the point where he’s a top tier unit in several game modes. This means that you can do very, very well without spending any money at all.

Like some freemium games, Epic Seven utilizes an energy system that ostensibly limits your playtime. Unlike these games, however, Epic Seven gives you a LOT of free energy. Between energy in the mail, energy from web events, and the game’s comparatively low costs for in-game activities, it’s very likely that you can play Epic Seven for hours at a time. It’s definitely a game that you can play by logging in for a few minutes each day, but it’s not a game that will penalize your wallet if you want to play for longer. Perhaps most importantly, most in-game resources can be converted into energy, meaning that you can turn unused things like Friendship Points into energy that you can use to farm for your team.

How To Succeed in Epic Seven

Like other gacha games, the keys to success in Epic Seven are discipline and patience. The game is incredibly generous when it comes to catchup bonuses for new players, free energy, and gacha pulls when compared to other games on the market. This doesn’t mean that you can just pull frivolously and spend all of your energy doing random activities. Instead, it means that you’ll be able to get the things you need with resources left over, enabling you to spend pulls and energy to get things that you want afterward.

The most basic tip for Epic Seven is to log in every day and go through a basic routine. Most players try to do their daily missions, burn friendship and conquest points on energy, collect daily event rewards, and then spend all of their energy on a mixture of activities. If you can, you’ll want to use all three Abyss entrances, enter the Labyrinth, and quickly knock over the NPC team in the arena. Don’t forget to check in with the Guild, take care of your pets, and buy useful items from Huche.

Doing this daily farm will quickly progress your account in Epic Seven with a bit of patience. The discipline part comes in when it’s time to pull. Be sure to do as much research as you can before you spend resources pulling on a banner. Never pull on the first day of a new character’s banner. Instead, wait for content creators to spend their money and pulls to determine how good that character is. Don’t get enticed by new stuff or cute costumes, either. Think carefully about your team composition before you spend pulls on a superfluous support or DPS that your team doesn’t really need. Epic Seven is generous enough that you’ll have some pulls left over for impulse buys every once in a while, but make sure these come after you’ve got the units you need to strengthen your team.

Are you an Epic Seven master? What’s your current squad? Are you excited about any upcoming characters? Who do you think needs to be buffed or nerfed? Let us know in the comments below!






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