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Haven't played "Fantasy Aquarium" yet? Take a deep breath now and dive into the underwater world of triple elimination!

About Fishdom

Fishdom is a kind of creativity testing game where you'll get many opportunities to show your decorating skill and others as well. The game will not leave any chance to amaze you with its 3d features and graphics where everything seems magical. You can make your new fish friends and you know what? These fishes can also talk. Want to know more about this game? They stay tuned till the end! 

The game starts as you dive into the waters and interact with your fish friends. Watch them playing and get involved as well. Ask them for help and decorate their homes with the best possible creativity that you can show them and impress them with your skills. 

Further, many puzzles are waiting for you. Solve them and unlock many amazing gifts that you can use to play with your new friends. 

Features Of Fishdom 

Wondering about what a free game like Fishdom can offer you and other players as its features? Then you need not worry about this fact because though Fishdom is a free game it doesn't mean that it lacks any interesting features. There are many amazing features in Fishdom that you will get to experience while playing but before that, you can also get familiar with them here as follows: 

Unique gameplay as you have to swap the pieces and match them 

Beautiful decorative items to design the aquariums 

You can play with dishes and take care of them 

It is more than a puzzle game 

Numerous levels to have fun with 

Multiplayer game 

Can decorate the aquarium in multiple ways  

Funny and talking fishes 

Fishes with different personalities

Can explore different places in the aquatic world 

Wonderful underwater decor and liven up aquariums

Breathtaking 3d graphics 

Free to play 

You can share your scores with your online friends 

Can play anytime and anywhere

No need to have internet access or   wifi connection to play 

There is no doubt that Fishdom is a tempting game, especially for young children. Though It doesn't need any special skill to begin the game, some creativity to play it well. This doesn't mean that you can take the game for granted and keep on losing it to your other friends. Therefore, to help you below are some steps from which you can earn some knowledge that you can use later while paying if you are trying it for the first time. 

Step  1

First, take your scuba mask and dive into the water. As soon as you reach there, have a holistic view of the place and decorative items that you are provided with. Check those tools, are they enough to decorate the fish aquarium? 

Step 2 

Start decorating the fish tanks as soon as possible and try to do it before your friends to get your name first on the scoreboard.

Step 3 

Next, you have to solve the puzzle. Don't panic, as the puzzles are quite easy in the starting levels but as you move to the next levels they become tougher, which is okay because till that time you'll get familiar with the game and its rules.

Step 4 

Now, it's time to claim the rewards which you have earned from solving the puzzles. These are all the steps that you have to follow at every level and win the game. 

Are There Any Rewards? 

Yes, otherwise the game might have lost its charm. Many rewards are quite easy to earn in the initial levels. As you know that you have to design fish tanks, so, if you do it well and that too in less time then there are possibilities that you can earn more decorative items in your bucket.

Next, you can earn points and stars by solving the puzzle where you have to match similar pieces or put similar dishes together. 

Fishdom is among the best free entertaining games where you can make the best use of your creativity. You can master the game just by practicing it well. If you develop more interest in the game and play it to the best possible levels then you can also have in-app purchases and take advantage of those features. 

Don't get delayed and entertain yourself with Fishdom today! 




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