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Fishing Clash

About Fishing Clash

Go on a fishing trip in the comfort of your own home in Fishing Clash, no gear required.

Fishing Clash is a fishing game that takes you to scenic spots so that you can enjoy quiet time alone for a fish. No need to wait forever for a fish to bite, because you will hook a fish almost immediately after throwing your line in. At the start, you get a welcome pack with lures, and you are ready to start your fishing journey. 

The settings allow you to choose between an imperial or metric system, then how you want to reel your fish in. A fast or slow sonar speed is more important when you are dueling with an opponent. Once you are ready, simply press cast to start catching fish.

In the button option, you have to maintain good line tension by pressing and releasing the button. The slider option is easier as you slide the black button up and down to control the line tension. Line tension is important because if the line is too slack or too tight you will lose the fish.

Above the lure card at the game screen, there are 4 power-ups you can choose from. You can get power-ups by using pearls, which are the premium currencies in Fishing Clash. Coins can be used to buy lures and tokens, which allows you to catch better fish. 

There are 4 boosters for you to use when you fish. The weight booster allows you to catch a heavier fish, the probability dice increases the chance of catching the fish you are after, the fishing speed makes you reel in a fish quicker. When you activate sonar, you can see what fish is hooked so you can decide if you want to release it or real it up. Sonar speed becomes important when you are dueling. 

When you see a clover icon, it is the luck power-up, and it helps you hook a better fish. The multi-hook power-up allows you to catch two fish at the same time, but it comes at the cost of doubling up all the other power-ups you have activated. 

Duels and Challenges

When you reach level 3, the Duel option opens, so you can have fun fishing with a perfect stranger. Winning a duel will give you points for ranking, as well as duel packs that contain lures and pearls. Duels are quick, because you have a time limit to catch the best fish before time runs out. 

Events like Challenges earn you special prizes. Challenges happen during Challenge Windows, so you can match with real life players who are also participating in the event. The aim of the challenge is usually to catch the biggest of a particular fish, so make sure you have the lure before participating. 

Lures and Rods

To upgrade a lure, you need lure cards and coins. Upgrading a lure is the usual way to allow you to catch bigger specimens of the fish. Aside from lures, you can also upgrade your fishing rods. Each rod is specific to the fishery, so you can only use the road at a certain place. To upgrade your rod, you need the level rod and the same fishery.  Each upgrade gives you a better chance of instant catch and combo bonus points. Rod upgrades are important if you are aiming to duel and play in events. 

Catch that fish

When you catch a fish, the game will tell you its weight, type as well as how much experience points you gain. Boss fish is the hardest fish to catch in the game, and when you manage to reel it in, you gain bonus points. 

Catching good fish gains you points, they contribute to your level and fishing license level. Fishing license bonus is a passive addition for certain fish. The bonuses will allow you to catch heavier fish or catch a fish quicker, they will work during duels and challenges. 

If you are aiming to be the best angler in Fishing Clash, you have to catch a lot of fish and play a lot of duels. Duels are an easy way to gain duel packs, which allows you to collect coins, pearls and lures that help you level up your tools of the trade. 

What is the biggest fish you have caught in Fishing Clash, you are welcome to share your game experience or tips and tricks, in the comment area below so that more people will like this game!




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