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Fruit Ninja Classic
Experience the fun of cutting fruits and running your fingers over them in a simple game play that lets you release your stress easily!

About Fruit Ninja Classic

Fruit Ninja Classic is a fun game surrounded by fruits, but you need to be watchful of bombs to score high and win the game. Once you start exploring it, you will find it exciting and easy to play. But there will be challenging levels, and you can play them well while progressing. You need to cut fruits fast to get a high score. Also, the game features different modes to make it more thrilling for players. While playing this game, you can explore Zen, Classic, and Arcade modes. Hone your skills, achieve a high score, and use special bananas and powerups to dominate the game. Keep reading to know more about Fruit Ninja Classic and have more fun. 


Fruit Ninja Classic features unique gameplay. The Dojos, blades, and fruits play a role throughout. Also, you can use powerups to play well. But you need to find suitable ones based on the game. However, you can run your fingers on the screen and cut fruits. The objective is to cut them fast and get high scores. You can also play the challenging levels, but be careful of bombs in the arcade and classic modes. However, you will not find bombs in the Zen mode. You can unlock more and track your achievements as well. The beauty of this game is that you will have to cut fruits thrown in the air. You can unleash your attacks and make fast moves to win the game.

Features of the Fruit Ninja Classic

Fruit Ninja Classic is easy to play, but it can entertain you a lot. While cutting fruits thrown in the air, you will feel like you are in an exploration world. You need to cut fruits before they touch the ground. You can do it better by knowing the features of the game.

Easy to play and control

Cut fruits fast and achieve higher scores

Play different modes and get rewards

Be careful of bombs since they can impact your scores

You will have ninety seconds to play Zen and sixty seconds for arcade mode

Use the multiplayer mode and explore more with your friends

As mentioned earlier, Fruit Ninja Classic is easy to play. You need to cut fruits and get high scores. You will have different modes in the game. Also, there will be bombs and other obstacles. Here are the tips you can consider to play well with high scores.

Step One

There will be Zen, Arcade, and Classic modes. You can choose any based on your preference. However, the objective will be the same. You need to cut fruits in all the game modes.

Step Two

You can create a combo of fruits and cut them fast to score high. You can get more points by combining and cutting many fruits simultaneously. You can achieve three extra points for three combo fruits and five points for five combo fruits. You can use more than one finger to create combos.

Step Three: Get Blitzes

The game features six blitzes, and all will give you extra points. You can achieve these points if you cut fruits in combos.

Step Four: Get Special Bananas

Get special bananas to boost your score. There will be three special bananas, and each will give you some extra points.

Step Five: Avoid Bombs

Bombs are obstacles, and you can lose points if you cut them. Hence, you will have to avoid bombs.

What Are the Rewards

You can get rewards while progressing in the game. You can get game rewards by cutting special bananas and combos. You can earn more and achieve blitzes.

Fruit Ninja Classic is full of fun and challenges. Know the features and obstacles you will encounter and prepare accordingly. You will have to observe the surroundings and avoid bombs. Also, you will have to cut fruits fast, and you can cut combos to get high scores. Understand the fruits and how you can achieve more. You can try the multiplayer mode and play this game with your friends. You will find it more fun and challenging when there is a competition.

Play the game and follow all the winning strategies. Know which one is more supportive and share your experience. Guide beginners with your suggestions. Beginners will appreciate any tips and can explore the game more.




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