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Gacha Studio
Gacha Studio is a second generation fun adventure game that combines dress up and action adventure.

About Gacha Studio

Gacha Studio: Dress Up Your Favorite Anime 

Are you an anime lover? Yes then let's tell you one such game where you will be given the charge of their life. Yes you guess the game right and will get to know about Gacha Studio today with all the important parts of the game as follows:

Gacha Studio begins by dressing up your favorite anime and ends by taking all of them, including the pets, to the Arena. The game has many aspects and each of them is different. Let's know with the following sections dedicated to each aspect of this game to explain to you  in detail follows:

Features Of Gacha Studio 

Gacha Studio has got a lot of the latest things for its users with entertainment so you can live in your dream Anime world. But before you act doing that let's know what features are there in Gacha Studio that market it so much popular among the lovers :

Dress up the game characters

Latest anime fashion 

Latest hats, weapons, clothes, etc

Brain challenging puzzles

Can customize your look your good dress up, change your hairstyle, and more, 

Studio mode where can you create your anime

Choose the many unique and different poses for your anime posters 

Several pets whom you can collect and train in the Arena 

Three amazing different modes of Arena - Element, Skill, and auto,

Free to play 

Many interesting in-app purchases

Selective and limited advertisements 

Can play offline

Save and share your progress

Achieve and flex on leaderboard rd 

It's high time to know how to play this game and what instructions to follow if one wants to master it soon. So, let's not waste your time and discuss them as follows:

Step 1

First, dress up the amine with the latest fashion. You can dress them in whatever way you want to dress up and then after doing that it's time to dress up and customize your look. If you don't like your eyebrows the way they are in the game then you can change them or any of the facial features this way.

Step 2 

Go to the studio to create your scenes of anime. Use the different tools in the game to create anime scenes. You can use your knowledge or imagination to do this thing. Further, if you are not able to create the scenes in the studio by yourself then also you need not worry as you can turn on the auto mode and let the artificial intelligence do this work for you.

Step 3 

As you know, there are many amazing and latest things in the game like hats, watches, numerous clothes, eyes, and many more such things. What else do you have to do with them after using them to customize your look? These are not only makeup things but also puzzles that you have to solve by matching them. After every perfect match, you'll get some rewards so that you can unlock many things in the game.

Step 4 

Now it's time to take one of the final moves where you have to collect several pets. These pets are not any normal ones as they have some special powers with them. Each pet has a different power. What you have to do with these pets is to train them in the best way you could and take them to the Arena where they can stand hard and show how good a master you are.

This is how you can proceed in the game by just following and completing each given task well.


Yes,  you can unlock many latest dresses, weapons, moves, etc in the form of rewards. To claim these rewards you have to take a little step forward where you have to not only complete the tasks but also solve the Puzzles in less time which will give you achievement points and rewards which you can claim later whenever you want to.

Gacha Studio is a wonderful pass-time game where you'll not be able to calculate how much time you have been there in the game. So, when are you going to remove your boredom with Gacha Studio? Today? Then go!




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