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Heads Up! Charades for Kids
If you like "Heads Up!" a game created by Ellen DeGeneres and played by millions of people around the world on her show, then get ready for "Heads Up!

About Heads Up! Charades for Kids

Heads Up Charades: Enjoy Your Time With Family & Friends 

Are you searching for a game that can be played with family & friends? If yes then you are at the perfect place as here you'll get to know about one such game - Heads Up Charades. So stay tuned till the end and get all the information about Heads Up Charades:

Heads Up Charades is all about guessing the names which are displayed on your phone screen. This you don't have to do all by yourself as your friends or family will be there to help you in guessing. How? To know more follow the sections given below as follows:

Game Features Of Heads Up Charades 

Heads-up charades are now more fun with their amazing features. The features are easy to know and understand thus let's start knowing them with the following points given below:

Free to play 

With more than thousands of movies, celebrities, or animal names

Multiplayer game 

Interesting gameplay

No third-party interruption in between

Safe to play 

Entertaining sound play in the background 

Brain challenging puzzles 

Diverse and challenging modes

Can save your progress and proceed further 

Many of you might have tried this game in your childhood with the cards but this time it is on your phone with zero chances of cheating. The gameplay is quite easy to understand, let's know it with the following features:

Step 1 

Now you know that this game is a multiplayer game therefore as soon as you tap to open to play the game then divide your all friends into two teams so that you all can play the game with all the fun. Okay, so now when you have two teams start playing the game by choosing a card category. You can choose anyone among animals, celebrities, personalities, etc, and because of this Heads Up, Charades is also called a knowledge game where your knowledge about important personalities and movies is checked.

Step 2 

What you have to do is take your or someone else's phone from your friends and then keep the phone on your head with the screen displayed outwards. On the screen, one name will be displayed. New will depend on what category you have selected at the beginning of the game. If you have chosen celebrity names then the screen will show the name of any celebrity. 

Step 3 

Your friends will help you in guessing the name displayed on the screen with some actions that resemble it. For example, if "CAT" is written on the screen then they can make sounds like meow meow or can act like it so that it gets easy for you to guess its name. If you can't guess the name or find it difficult then you can just flip the phone's screen and change the name. It's this simple to play the game and if you guess the game correctly then your team will gain a point.

Step 4 

The game doesn't end here as it's the turn of the opposite team to show their guesswork. They'll have to do the similar work that your team did in the above steps. The game will continue this way with more fun. Further, you'll get hundreds of levels to play and win. You can play it with more than two teams which will be more entertaining. The game level will increase and more tough rules and names will be displayed in the upcoming levels. Therefore keep on guessing and challenge your brain well with this game.


It is multiplayer which itself is a reward but if you are wondering about those rewards that other games have then those aren't here. The game developers didn't include rewards in this game because of some reasons, one of these is that rewards will eliminate the whole entertainment of this game as everyone will run after those instead of feeling the game's essence.

Heads Up Charade is a multiplayer game where you can play with your friends and family and share them all your free time. The best thing is that you don't have to spend a lot or even a single penny to access the game until you decide to buy the in-app purchases. So, call your friends and have fun with Heads Up Charades!




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