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Kitten Match
When a helpless and poor kitten is in front of you, how can you resist turning it away?

About Kitten Match

Match 3 to create a comfortable home for your kittens in Kitten Match

The game starts on a dark and snowy night, where you find a kitten in the cold, and you bring it into the house. Kitty calls you Taylor, and the game moves to a match 3 game. Your first task is to collect red fish, which earns you a medal. Kitty tells you to use the medal to perform tasks around the room to make it nice and cozy for it. You notice that Kitty calls you Taylor, if you want to use a different name, go to the Settings to edit your profile. Tap edit button on Your Name, and write the name you want. 

On the left corner are the lives you have in the game, you get one live every 30 minutes if you lose a game. The gold coins are between the medal and lives, it is to buy extra moves in game. The green cash is to buy outfits for kittens in the game. The medals are for room activities, so you have to win games to get more medals to make the rooms more livable around the house. 


The match 3 game has boosters to help you win. There are bombs and straight rockets, double missiles that can blow up surrounding tiles and target one tile in the game; and a cat ball that removes all the tiles of same color. The additional tools you can use without losing a turn are the scooper to pick up one tile, a cat swipe to take out a row, and a magic stick that allows you to swap 2 adjacent pieces. 

There are a few ways to pass levels, but mainly it is to collect the orders in the game. You may have to collect marshmallows, drop cookies and cupcakes or open cans of fish for the kittens. You have limited moves to get the required amount, or you will lose the level. When you are out of moves, kitty will ask if you want to buy 5 more moves with 900 coins or use real money to buy boosters as well. 

Kitty Base

After a few house upgrades, the Kitten Base unlocks. It is a special room for the kittens to play around. The little heart on the center is how happy the kittens are, and the cash money on the left is the amount of money you have to spend on the kittens. You can also dress your kittens up to look cute as they roam around rooms. Remember to come back to feed the kittens and change their litter box. There are many upgrades you can do in Kitten Base. 

Special Events

There are a lot of special events that help you earn boosters and coins in the game. They also involve matching pieces to fulfill orders. When a level opens, you will see coins appearing on certain pieces, matching them will allow you to keep the coins. Focus on winning the level, because you will lose the coins if you do not win anyway. Keep playing until you collect enough coins to upgrade decorations. 

Exploring Rooms

There are many rooms in the house, but you can only redecorate one room at a time. There is a kitten hiding in every room, the story moves as you explore the house with Kitty. The kittens in the house tell of the previous owner, but usually they will play amongst themselves. 

After you place a decoration or a piece of furniture, you can change it by long-tapping the object until the option appears. You can also return to the rooms to redo the theme when you feel like it. 

Kitten Match is a good way to own kittens without having to buy loads of kitty litter or taking them to the vet. The kittens are cute in the game, and they hop around a lot without leaving fluff around the furniture. If you like a particular kitten, you are welcome to share your game experience in the comment area below so that more people will like this game!



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