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Lily’s Garden
Lilys Garden is a very easy and fun casual game, according to the development of the story plot, gradually understand the Lilys Garden...

About Lily’s Garden

Help Lily bring back her home to its former glory in Lily’s Garden - Design & Relax

Lily Roberts is having a bad time, her boyfriend is cheating on her, and then she lost her job. Worse of all, on her way back home from work, her house burns down! Then Lily finds out that her Great- Aunt Mary LaRosa has passed away and left her with the family’s estate. Thinking that it is a chance for a new life, Lily decides to visit the home where she grew up.

On the first day of arrival, Lily finds that the house is in a big mess, her auntie was unable to keep up with the maintenance before her death. The game starts with a task on the left hand and it guides you to the next task. 

Game Details

First, you are given the task of fixing the broken mailbox. The task is on the left side of the screen, with the Day 1 box at the bottom with the percentage of completion. On the bottom right corner is a green triangle, which is the main game level menu. The red heart with a number is the number of lives you have, next to it is the coins that you earn. The stars are for you to be able to complete your tasks. On the right corner is the settings page, where you can connect the game to your social media to save the progress online. 

Lily’s Garden is a color matching tile game. Tap on the tiles with two or more of the color matching side by side to pop the tiles. Successful matches will cause more tiles to drop from above, and the game continues until you fulfill the request or run out of moves. 

On the left side, the number of moves are on the top, and below are the orders that you need to fulfill such as exploding a number of colored tiles or dropping items to the bottom. On the right are the tools you can use without sacrificing a move in the game. 

Your goal is to get all the orders before the moves run out, and you will be awarded money and a gold star to proceed with your tasks. Some tasks require 1 star, while harder tasks will need 3. Sometimes, you will have to perform a task twice, and each time requires a star or two. 


In Lily’s Garden, the coins allow you to buy moves in the matching tile level. If you have run out of moves, you need 900 coins to have 5 more turns before the game runs out. You can keep paying until you win the level. However, winning each level only earns you around 50 coins, so you should consider only using the coins when you know you can finish the level within 5 moves. 

You can also buy an outfit for Lily in the shop, it costs a lot of coins, or you can purchase them with real money. While it makes Lily look prettier, it will not make the game easier to play. But if you have coins to spare, why not dress her up for fun? 


The boosters in the game are rocket, bomb and magic flask. You can activate these 3 boosters if you have them before starting the game. These boosters can be bought with real money, or by winning daily events and completing tasks. For some levels, having the boosters allows you to finish the game before your move runs out, especially when there are a lot of elements that will block your progress. 

Elements such as weeds and rocks make it hard to get your order right, and having boosters will make your game easier. You can create a rocket by tapping on the tiles with the picture of the rocket on them. Once there are enough tiles to create a bomb, the picture will transform into a bomb icon. A magic flask symbol is a swirl on the colored tiles. 

Matching boosters will also yield different results. If there are two boosters side by side, there is a bonus when you activate. For example, tapping a bomb and rocket booster will trigger a row or column explosion that will remove 3 rows or columns. A bomb and a magic flask will turn all the tiles with the same color into bombs. 


Complete the daily tasks to find out the story in Lily’s Garden. The color match games are for you to help Lily rebuild her Great-aunt Mary’s home, but she has obstacles and people who want her to fail. Lily has 30 days to rejuvenate the home to its former glory, and she needs your help! You are welcome to share your game experience in the comment area below so that more people will like this game!




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