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My PlayHome Stores
My PlayHome Stores is an American cartoon style casual game in which you become a supermarket shopper and do various shopping activities.

About My PlayHome Stores

My PlayHome Store is like a dream place where every kid wants to go once in a lifetime therefore it has many such features that tempt every kid to try this game at least once. Imagine what a kid likes to do if left alone in a superstore? Will buy ice cream, chocolates, chips, juices, toys, and clothes first because all they want is these things and others are secondary. So based on this idea the game is developed which is not only entertaining but also informative. Therefore get ready to know other aspects of the game in the following sections below:


The game starts with taking your child alone to a supermarket where there are a lot of shops. This is to teach your child some outside manners and calculations so that the next time they visit any grocery place they know how to behave in the market, what all things can be bought from there, how to pay the bills etc.

Your kid will be given several opportunities to buy anything of their choice and pay the bills on their own. So, let's discuss what other things are there in the game that makes it informative and entertaining! 

Features Of My PalyHome Stores

Like every other PlayHome game, this one also has many amazing features which will make your kid fall in love with it. Let's know what impressive features the game developers have decided to offer their users. The features of  My PlayHome Store are as follows: 

No advertisements by any third party

No forcing in-app purchases

No registration or push notifications

No social networking links or notifications

Not so expensive to purchase 

Tempting graphic for kids 

Never seen before themes

Unlimited scores 

No harmful content 

No shopping limits 

Number of styled clothes

No rules 

This is another important part of this post as here you'll get to know how you can explain the gameplay to your kids and make them earn as many points as possible in less time. So let's begin to discuss them as follows: 

Step 1 

This is the first step of the game where you'll get the opportunity to visit the market where several stores are there. So, it's going to be great fun because there is no one to stop you from buying anything, you can do whatever you want to. 

Step 2 

So after reaching the supermarket you have to first visit the juice shop and give an order to the shopkeeper to prepare some healthy juice for you, after drinking it you must thank them for showing some good gesture and then count the money to pay for the juice.

Step 3 

This step is quite similar to step 2 as here you have to visit the ice cream shop and repeat the same process that you have tried in the above-mentioned step. 

Step 4 

This is going to be more interesting because here you have to buy some clothes for yourself from the nearby store. The clothes in the store are very stylish. You can try them all and then buy the one that you like the most. Again pay for it, say thanks and leave the shop.

tep 5 

This is the last step of that level where you have to count the money that you have spent shopping and calculate the money that you have left with you. 

What About Rewards

The rewards are very interesting and easy to collect. Whenever you pay the bill you have to calculate money, if you do it correctly then you get some points and stars which resemble your intelligence. You get a bumper point also if you calculate the leftover money and spend it properly in the end. So, do your calculations correctly. 


SMy PlayHome Store is a perfect game if you want to teach your child calculations and outdoor manners. This doesn't even cost a lot of your money, thus a good entertainment choice for your kids. 

The best thing about this game is that it considers your concerns and never allows any harmful content to interfere in the game. So, now you can freely purchase this game without any worries and provide your child with a very good opportunity to use his/her free time!




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