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My Town : Car
The game scene in My Town : Car changes to the garage, and there are plenty of outdoor such as gas, car wash and all other vehicle related processes!

About My Town : Car

My Town Car: Enjoy The Drive 

Do you love driving a car? Yes, then let's know about one such game, My Town Car, where you'll get to drive the car and take care of it like an adult. So let's get started:

My Town Car is all about buying a car and then taking care of it where you have to act responsibly toward your car and keep it well throughout the game. You will get to perform possible things like visiting a gas station, going to a mechanic shop, taking the car for servicing, etc. Let's know all this from closer as follows:

Features Of My Town Car 

Do you know the secret of why My Town Car is so much loved by its users and their parents? No? They know that it is the features of this game that make it most lovable to its audience. Therefore, let's know the follows: 

Can access the game for very less money 

Can be handed to kids in absence of any guardian

Many amazing in-app purchases

Don't need to worry about any adult or harmful content 

No vulgar or third-party advertisements

Safe for privacy 

Easy to learn and play 

Educational and informative 

The game being easy isn't simple because there are so many things to perform which may confuse you. So, what to do now? What you have to do now is read the following points which will provide you with information on how to play this game. Reading them will help you in your gameplay : 

Step 1 

Go to the car showroom in your city and buy a new car from there. Thank everyone who is there with you in this happy moment and then take the car keys to bring it home. Call your neighbor friends and family to show them what you have bought. 

Step 2 

Take care of your car and use it carefully. Don't drive very fast or near to any surface to avoid any harm or scratches appearing on it. Take it to the showroom every month or whenever you think it needs some services. Don't forget to take the car insurance and keep the license every time you drive it. 

Step 3 

Does your car seem dirty? No worries and take it to the car washing station to clean it and make it look like a new one. Feeling bored? Then talk to the mechanics and workers there, and ask your queries related to the car driving or caring. Be friendly with them and learn how you can manage small car problems by yourself when needed. This will not only entertain you but also educate you about self-help.

Step 4 

It seems like the fuel tank is empty. Now, what to do? Take it to the gas station and fill the fuel tank. Pay for it and then go again for a drive. Wait, have you checked the tires, they look rugged. So, don't go for a long drive now but to the mechanic so that the tires can be changed and any future problem can be avoided.

Step 5 

Check the car from inside and know what advanced features are there, if you think you need some extra then you can ask the showroom manager for the addition if possible. Watch the car driving and caring tutorial in the game and become the expert in it. Also, don't forget to change the color of your car if you are bored with its current color. Yes, you can if you want to because the game features allow you to change the color and customize it according to you.

Are There Any Rewards

No, you'll not find any specific rewards in this game because it's all about entertainment and education. What it is not about is a competition which is represented by rewards. Therefore the game developers have knowingly avoided putting rewards in the game.

Final Say

My Town Car is a very wonderful game that is also easy to play. Therefore you don't have to worry about your kids and think about whether they are playing a safe game or not. So, get ready to give your kid a good game for their life! 




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