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My Town : Preschool
Our games promote imagination and fun. By creating a stress-free environment allowing children to create countless stories and adventures.

About My Town : Preschool

My Town: Preschool is an entertaining and learning game for kids of four to twelve years. Your kid is all set to explore the preschool, and the little one can grab the bag, choose any character, and enjoy all the preschool fun and adventure. Kids can use their imagination and try different variations while exploring eight new locations. They can play games, learn, and try something adventurous. They can be a little creative and create their own stories. My Town: Preschool games will enable kids to hone their learning and creative skills. They can dress up kids for school, prepare their food, and support them while playing. It is an educational game that teaches life in a preschool. The game is safe for kids and can entertain them since they will find a familiar setting to explore. 

My Town: Preschool is a game that teaches preschool life and enables kids to use their imagination and create stories. Kids can explore each room and have fun while learning about the school setting. Since it is a game for young kids, you will find the gameplay straightforward. The kids can choose any character and drag them to create their stories. The game will have different rooms, and each will have something new to develop curiosity in kids. They will learn, enjoy their exploration, and interact with game characters. They can complete tasks, discover new scenes, and create more stories. The game will have loads of inspiring characters and scenes for kids. Also, they can play in a safe environment and explore more. You can allow your kids to play My Town: Preschool even if you are not around.

Features of My Town: Preschool

My Town: Preschool game is for kids, and you can expect many kids’ friendly features. You can imagine a school setting and different activities. The game will have everything to create a school environment. Here are the game features that give a clear idea about My Town: Preschool.

My Town: Preschool game features eight fun locations. There will be a bathroom, learning room, cafeteria, nap room, nurse’s office, and a few more.

The game will have many characters, and all of them will have special features. The characters can smile, laugh, and cry. They will display all your emotions, and you will find them super entertaining.

The game has added some new characters, including kids, parents, and preschool teachers.

There will be new clothing for each season, and you can have new clothes for characters on different occasions.

My Town: Preschool is easy to play for kids. They can explore different locations, choose their favorite characters, dress up, and help them to play safely. Also, kids will have new clothes and items for specific occasions. Here are a few steps to explore the game more and have unlimited fun.

Step One: Explore All Locations

My Town: Preschool will have eight locations, and you can explore all of them to unlock new features and dominate the game. While entering any room, you can get a few bonuses that you can use to unlock new features.

Step Two: Find Seasonal Clothes

You will get many seasonal clothes in the game and can use them to dress up your character. There will be clothes for winter and summer for kids, teachers, and parents. Choose suitable outfits and get bonuses after completing tasks successfully.

Step Three: Use Emotions

All the characters in this game will have emotions, and you can make them cry, laugh, and smile. You can choose the right feeling for your game character based on the situation.

What Are the Rewards?

The game is all about exploring a preschool environment. Your kid can try many things and add more fun and excitement to the game. However, players can unlock new items and characters after completing different tasks. Motivate your kid to explore all the areas and unlock new features. The game will reward kids for their achievements. As a result, they will feel more motivated to go further and unlock new features.

My Town: Preschool is an action-packed and adventurous game and can entertain kids the most. Play the game and boost your imagination. You can explore all the locations and unlock new features. Share your experience and help others to know more about the game.




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