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Otter Ocean - Treasure hunt with cute pet friends
Otter Ocean - Treasure Hunt is a super relaxing healing game in which you can raise cute otters and relax in the ocean!

About Otter Ocean - Treasure hunt with cute pet friends

Otter Ocean Treasure Hunt game review: The utterly adorable otters' adventure

Otter Ocean Treasure Hunt is one of the few games that manages to be both pleasant and charming while also effectively conveying an environmental theme.

Learn about the vast ocean's depths while taking good care of your Tamagotchi-style otter in this free-to-play pet collecting adventure.


An adorable otter, lonely and starving, floats aimlessly at the beginning of Otter Ocean. As a first step, you'll bring her some meals in the hopes that she'll be satisfied and eventually join your group. The once lonely otter will now embark on a mission to the ocean's depths in search of materials that will aid in the purification of the ocean as you simultaneously beautify his little beach. The otter will eventually come upon a jar containing another otter; when this happens, you add it to your ever-expanding family of otters.

With so much responsibility for feeding and caring for your cute otters, Otter Ocean takes a page from the story of 'Tamagotchi' videogames. Moreover, you must strive to have every adorable otter's preferred food item from the shop. The otters' gifts will allow you to continue providing amenities and enhancing the otters' quality of living on the ocean land. As your journey progresses, you can travel to other people's lands and trade items alongside others.

Otter Ocean - Treasure Hunt game is the perfect setup for mindless entertainment because of its charming, Sanrio-Esque visuals and simplistic gameplay.

The game's fundamentals are simple: you have to free otters that have become stranded on the island so that you can include them in your family. Once you've finished helping out your newly saved, adorable pals, you may assign them to the task of diving into various locations across the planet in quest of much more otters and perhaps even some buried treasures and golds.

In addition to helping lovely otters and inviting all of them to your family, you must also ensure that you are taking all of them properly. This includes providing their preferred meals, lavishing them affectionately, and nursing them every time they are ill.

One of this game's greatest strengths is how relaxed and uncomplicated it is to play. Every swim of your otters will last a different amount of time, so if you're watching for your cute otter pals to return from an expedition, you may log out and still receive points. Furthermore, the player can experiment at their leisure, and every time they start the game, they'll notice something excitingly new.

Game Features

Gather the adorable otter families.

Otters, aren't they cute? Discover more of these adorable Tamagotchi cutest families on treasure hunting. In the Otter Ocean game, players could go on a loot quest while also caring for and improving the skills of their virtual pets.

Experience the adorable world of ocean, treasures, and otters

Put your feet up on the shore and become a great explorer of the vast ocean's wonders, along with some adorable, cuddly otters. Everyone should experience this calming Tamagotchi game!

Locate hidden treasures with your kawaii friends

This game offers a calm and soothing adventure. Otter Ocean Treasure Hunts allows you to collect cute kawaii ocean otters as Tamagotchi pets while embarking on a scavenger hunt. Construct your ideal empire of fascinating otters by feeding and teaching them to become expert explorers.

Play a game of scavenger hunt under the sea.

Return daily to your daily journey! Acquire appetizing meals and sparkling jewels collected by your adorable otter companions, then start discovering other otters on the island, undiscovered mysteries, and places for your otter pals to explore! Once you experience these adorable Tamagotchi pets waiting for you each day, you will instantly forget all your problems outside the stressful world.

A community of thousands awaits you.

Interact with millions worldwide who enjoy free-to-play adventure games with an otter scavenger hunt theme. Along with your pals, engage in fun and exciting activities. Discover the secrets and precious treasures under the shipwreck, which lies underground in the Otter Islands!


If you're looking for a new method to learn about the importance of ocean cleanliness and lovely otters, go no further than Otter Ocean Treasure Hunt, a game that's equal parts cute and peaceful. Players could take a seat anytime they need a getaway from the routine of stressful life and enjoy the world of cuteness and relaxation.

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