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PJ Masks: Hero Academy
PJ Masks: Hero Academy contains Logic, puzzles and algorithms - small steps to break down the big picture into little heroes.

About PJ Masks: Hero Academy

Are you looking for a great mobile game based on educational approach? Well, PJ Masks: Hero Academy can be a good option for you. This game teaches you technology, art and mathematics, science and engineering. This is a perfect game for the kids to know more about the basics of coding and more. Being quite a unique mobile game for learning, it offers fun and excitement too. The best part is that it is available for free on Android and iOS platforms. To know more about the game, read on.

Overview: What the game is about?

This mobile game is designed mainly for the kids aged between 4 year and 7 years. It is a learning mobile game app that introduces the kids with some age-appropriate ideas and concepts, like solving puzzles, algorithms and logic. 

In this game, the kids can even help in guiding the heroes like Gekko, Catboy and Owlette through different obstacles using some of the super powers. This game is packed with some great actions and core skills to learn in the process. PJ Masks: Hero Academy is all about:

Making your child learn the main principle related to coding

Learning the pre-coding techniques

Different educational elements as well as games to add fun

Facing new challenges and learning something new

The gameplay is quite simple and easy for the kids to pursue without any issues. You can create three different profiles here in this game for children or kids to progress. This game has become quite a popular and favorite one for the families all around the world. Solve mysteries and puzzles, learn new things and have fun - this is all what the game is all about.

Features of PJ Masks: Hero Academy

This educational game gets even more interesting because of the special features that it comes with. Some of the significant features of this game are:

Creating a racing track on your own

Comes with 15 unique levels to play for free

Complete great adventures playing as Owlette, Catboy and Gekko

Some exciting puzzles are there too

Power-ups are available to enhance your game

Different locations to explore 

Many bonus levels and great rewards to win

Allows you to play offline as well

Doesn't need mobile data or any Wi-Fi connection to play

Guide To Play

Do you want to play PJ Masks: Hero Academy? Well, the game is quite easy and simple. It is a game designed for the kids. Hence, it is simple yet very interesting. You have to follow these steps to play the game:

Play The Puzzles

The main attraction of this game is the puzzle. There are different puzzles that are available in this game. Each one of them is unique and you have to solve those puzzles to go ahead in the game. There are more than 15 levels that you can play for free. With each level you cross, the game gets more and more challenging.

Explore the locations

This game comes with different locations that are beautiful and unique. Explore all these locations, such as City Canals, Sports Field and the Park. Along with all these, you can even unlock the bonus levels. Play those levels and you can win some unique rewards too.

Defeat villains

This mobile game comes with a racing track where you have to make sure to defeat the villains in order to win. You can create a racing track of your own too which can be quite a fun experience. While playing this game and beating the villains, don't forget to achieve the mission targets and collect all the golden stars. 

Join and use!

Your kids will surely love this game. If you are looking for a fun and interesting game that can also help your child to learn more about art and mathematics or science and engineering, then this is the game. Join PJ Masks: Hero Academy for free and play it. It is a simple game with no complications at all. The main motive of this game is to make the learning process more fun and interesting for your kid. So, play it and make sure to leave your feedback in the comment section below. It can be quite helpful for the other parents to know more about this educational mobile game for their kids.






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