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Soap Cutting
Soap Cutting is a casual game where you can cut soap, cut different types of soap and feel amazingly satisfied.

About Soap Cutting

Soap cutting is an ASMR sound game where you have to cut soaps to listen to the sound. The sound is so soothing and thus helps you in relaxing your body and mind in your free boring time. The game has many wonderful features that you'll get to know as you proceed to read.

You can cross the levels of soap cutting easily if you know everything about it. You just have to cut the soaps which are in various colors and shapes. You will be addicted to their funny shapes and sizes. They pop up on your screen for a limited time and thus you have to cut them under that time. Try to cut as many as possible to score the greatest number and satisfy yourself with its soothing ASMR sound. So, are you ready to know more about this game? If yes then follow the following sections: 

Features Of Soap Cutting 

Soap cutting has many different features that are the key parts of this game. The game description will be incomplete if you don't know about these wonderful features that the game developers have specially designed for players like you who play to relax. So, let's not waste your precious time and know the features as follows: 

Easy to play and learn the game 

Many levels that become challenging later 

Relaxing ASMR sound to make you feel relaxed 

Easy to tap and carve different types of soap

Different and unique soaps that look so amazing 

Realistic ASMR sound 

Soap cutting is easy to start and play games but shouldn't be taken lightly. Because it's not just about simply cutting the soaps and listening to the ASMR sound, it is more than that. Thinking? To know this you have to first know how to play this game because after that only you can develop a complete understanding of the game and unleash its hidden motive. You can play the game in the following stages : 

Stage 1 

First join the game,open it and then tap on the play button to start the game. Choose your tools to cut the soaps and then start cutting the soaps that come to you. Do it fast and don't get trapped in ist relaxing ASMR sound. 

Stage 2 

Yes, you have to manage the time if you want to get more rewards in less time. There are many levels in the game which become more challenging as the level goes up. Cutting the soap isn't a big deal but might get a little harder in the coming levels. 

Stage 3 

Collect the rewards and don't forget to take the opportunities to spin the wheel or play cards that pop up in between. So, be attentive and grab those chances whenever they appear on your screen.

What About Rewards? 

The game has so many rewards that you can unleash with your gaming skills. The rewards are so amazing that whoever plays this game becomes addicted to its rewards and therefore keeps on playing to unlock them. 

Though the game is to relax, it becomes so much more exciting with earning stars and coins as rewards. Wondering how you can get those? So, as you cut the soaps and u cover them the hidden stars and coins will pop out if there are any. Not every soap has hidden rewards, only a few of them have. Therefore, to earn as many rewards as you can, you have to keep on cutting the soaps fast and get on the right ones that have hidden rewards and collect them. Not only this but you can also spin wheels, play cards, and complete daily goals apart from just cutting soaps to get and claim the rewards.


Cutting soap is a wonderful game if you want to play just to relax. It targets two things at once - giving relaxation to you and not compromising game fun for that. The best thing is that you don't have to spend a single penny to buy this ASMR simulating soap cutting game as it is all free for you and your friends. 

So, whenever you get any free time and you feel bored, play this game and relax your ears with its realistic ASMR soap cutting sounds with the joy of earning points! 




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