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Lost in a forgotten cyber city, a lone stray cat must solve an ancient mystery to escape and find his way home.

About Stary

Stary: Have A Unique Gaming Experience 

Are you bored with playing old racing and other simulator games? If yes then this post is for you as you will get to know about -Stray which is unique gameplay. The game is very different from the classic game that you have experienced till now. How? Read the post till the end to know the answer:

Stray is based on a story of a long-forgotten ancient city where the players will be provided to play the character of a stray cat in whom the name of this game has been kept. 

Stray lives in the city where everything and everyone seems to be smirking and mysterious. There, you need to untangle an age-old mystery and make the city evergreen and give knowledge to everyone who has either unforgotten it or doesn't even know it. 

There are many dangerous creatures and people who will try their best to scare you and throw you out of the city but to win the game you have to stand tough and solve the mystery.

Features Of Stray 

Now as you know that this game is quite mysterious and also may seem scary to you and this is the real thrill of the game. The game is full of features which is the main reason why it is so amazing. Want to know them? Then follow the below-mentioned steps and know every feature of Stray : 

Not so expensive to buy and play 

Brain challenging puzzles

No third-party advertisements 

No other unnecessary in-game purchases

Scary creatures 

There is no doubt that Stray is a simple game in which you don't have to run here and there and kill or solve the puzzles often. The game runs smoothly where you have to roam around the city and do the necessary activities to solve the mystery. But what next and how to proceed further? Wait, be patient and read each stage carefully which is given below to know the steps that you need to take to play the game and get successful in it :

Step 1 

You, as a stray cat, have to see things not from your perspective but from the image below of that stray cat whose character you are playing in the game. Therefore, roam here and there in the city and take a deep analysis of things there. Try to connect the dots if something appears suspicious to you.  

Step 2 

Find some food either from the dustbins near the suspected houses or pests coming out from those houses but try to stay near them as you might get any clue there. 

Step 3

Here in these steps, many creatures (scary creatures) will try to come near to you to scare you so that you leave the city without solving the ancient mystery. But you don't have to make them successful in their work and counterattack those dangerous creatures so that they don't dare to come near you next time.

Step 4 

Take the help of your drone friend B-12 to take a complete view of the city and know easily what is happening where.  Don't let anyone even guess you sent any normal cat but a special one who is there to solve an age-old mystery.  Connect the dots that you have collected till now and solve the puzzle to unlock the next level! 

Are There Any Rewards

Yes, each time you find a clue you will be rewarded with some points and tools which will assist you in your journey. The rewards need to be claimed to access the special things that you have got because of them.


Stray is a wonderful and unique game that gives excitement and thrill every second minute. There are many fewer games like this and thus it makes it something worthy to play this game.

If you are worried about your pocket then think twice that it isn't so expensive as other games and is also worth the money. The game is a good mixture of entertainment and brain exercise both at a single time. So are you ready to feel the joy of playing Stray? Yes, then start it today!




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