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stop the flow! - rescue puzzle
Use your imagination in this game and help the people in the game to solve their problems!

About stop the flow! - rescue puzzle

Rescue people and buildings in Stop The Flow! 

Draw a line before catastrophe happens to save your people, your aim is to protect buildings and humans from dying when a flood hits. Your first mission is to protect a city from a big wave. At first, you have a birds eye view of the land, so you can decide how to create a border that stops the incoming water. 

Once you draw the line, the screen will rotate to show you a different view. Within seconds, you will see the rush of water coming at the building. It will push the border that you created like in the real world. If your border is not long enough, the water will push it to the side and floor your city. To pass the level, the building has to stay up for a few seconds. There is no time limit for you to create a protective barrier, but once you lift your finger up from the screen, the game will initiate the simulation, and you will have to watch as water rushes towards your character. 

When you pass a stage, the reward is some coins. The coins allow you to buy new characters, so you have other people to protect. Win more stages to collect coins, but you can keep saving the same few characters in the game. There is no hint or skip button in Stop The Flow! The game allows you to go back to the front page by tapping the home button on the top left corner. If you are not sure about your decision, you can restart the game by pressing the one on the top right corner. After you draw a line, it will take only a few seconds to see if you pass or fail, there is no real need to restart the game. 

Create barriers by drawing a line with your finger. Use the layout to your advantage, because you can draw a circle around things as a shield. There is no right or wrong answer in the game, but your main goal is to protect the humans and buildings from harm. If the water pushes the barrier and hits your character, that character will be hurt. When the character suffers an injury, you will lose the level. 

Other elements that threaten you are gorillas and mobs. Water and lava are liquids that flow, so they will take up all the free space as they flow towards your character. The flow is also strong enough to push and shove barriers aside if they are not long enough. Gorillas and mobs tend to rush only one direction, bullets have a high impact and will push the border forwards more. 

These are the things that you have to think about when drawing a shield around your character. Enemies like gorilla and the mob move in one direction, they do not fill spaces around them. It is easier to anticipate their movement and force. You have to prevent water and lava from reaching your character as well as making sure that the border does not get pushed too forward and injure your character.

When survival is important, there is no limit to the length of your barrier. You can make your border stronger by wrapping around columns and nails, the tighter they are the less they move on impact. Your border will behave like real world physics, but if the water reaches the person, you will also lose the level. 

In most stages, there is something you can use as an anchor or leverage. Columns, nails and cliffs are some of the more common items you can find. There is no penalty when the enemy gets to your character, the game restarts quickly for you to try again. When your character dances and there is confetti, that means you have passed the stage. 

The game does not reward or penalize you for taking your time or making the wrong decision, but it feels rewarding when you save people from certain death. Share your winning strategy in the comment area below so that more people can like the game. 




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