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Toca Life: After School
Welcome to Toca Life: How you spend your time after school is up to you! Skate, create art, dance, make music, play sports, or just chill out!

About Toca Life: After School

Toca Life After School:  Know Everything After School Life  

Toca Boca is back again with another interesting game -Toca Life After School. If you miss your school days or want your kid to know the after-school life then this game is best for you.  So, let's not discuss everything about Toca Life After School here and jump directly to the Gameplay section.

Toca Life After School has many tasks waiting for you which you have to complete one by one in a very interesting way. What kind of tasks? Don't worry, the tasks are very easy and family to you because they all are those that you might have done in your school life like playing after school in the sports complex, dancing in the dance studio with other dancers, creating art on the graffiti wall and many such interesting things.

You can change the roleplay in the game with a simple tap. Isn't this wonderful? Yes, it is and many such wonderful things are waiting for you. Know them as follows:

Features Of Toca Life After School 

You know how many things are there to do after school. Right? Therefore based on those things Toca Life After School has got several features. You will get everything as a player you want from an after-school game. So, let's see those features as follows, 

Meet over 20 plus characters 

Create your ideas and print them 

Spray your ideas on the graffiti wall 

Explore four different locations: art workshop, skate park, sports court, and dance studio

Create your music and instruments

Participate in different sports 

Change outfits to feel fresh after sports and dance 

Try on different costumes

Try your hand on basketball and skateboard The free form of any adult content

Free from any third-party advertisements

Free from any in-app purchases

No forcing links in between the game

Safe for little kids 

Toca Life After School is an easy-to-play and master game as it runs smoothly in order. To play it well all you need to dois just follow the game order. Don't know that? Don't worry because you are here and will get to know everything that it needs to make this gameplay easy. Therefore read the steps as follows:

Step 1 

Get out of the school and get ready to get some fresh air outside and play some sports at the sports complex. Reach there on time with your teammates or friends. Change your outfit and get ready to play basketball or any other sports that you love. Always be disciplined and behave gently with everyone there.

Step 2 

Next after playing some sports it's time to go to the music room to create some music and practice it with your band mates so that you perform well on the annual day of your school. Practice politely without creating any nuisance in the class.

Step 3 

Now when you are done with playing and singing it's high time to show some dance skills and practice to polish them. Leave for the dance room and change your outfit, get into a comfortable outfit so that you don't feel uncomfortable while dancing.

Step 4 

This is the last step where you have to reach the art workshop for coloring the graffiti wall with your thoughts or ideas. Use your favorite colors and also if you want them you can help your friends also after completing your work. Now return to your hostel or house to get ready for school again.


No, like other Toca Games there are also no rewards in this game. You can play this game entirely for fun only and not for making any high scores or scratching rewards to unlock other stages or themes. Everything is open in this game that you can access whenever you want to.

Toca Life After School is a wonderful full game like other Toca games. You can buy this game for very less money. The best thing is that you don't have any time bound to complete a task therefore save the progress and continue it wherever and whenever you want to. So, when are you going to start playing Toca Life After School? Today? Then go now and have fun playing it!




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