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Toca Life: Town
Town is a playful world where anything and anyone is welcome and you are the owner!

About Toca Life: Town

Toca Boca Is back with another new game to teach your child some town etiquette. Yes, you guessed it correctly as Toca Life:Town is going to be the game about which you'll get to know everything in this post. So, don't get delayed and continue to read the post as follows: 

Toca Life Town, as the name of the game suggests, is a game based on the people living in the town. Therefore the game has all the necessary elements that an ideal town has which include important places like a police station, fire station, backyards, parks, etc.

The game starts with children growing fruits and vegetables in their backyards helping each other. From there the game proceeds to take the children to the supermarket with their mothers and do some important grocery shopping and this is how the game keeps on continuing with other important tasks that all the natives of town do in their everyday life.

Features Of Toca Life Town 

Do you know one secret about Toca Life Town? No, then listen that this game is loaded with a lot of incredible features which include many things like sight exploration, shopping, cooking, etc. Let's not discuss all the features here and directly jump to know them in detail and altogether as follows: 

Play with more than 10 interesting and funny characters

Explore several locations including a pond, park, police station, house, apartment, store, and restaurant 

Cook over 20 delicious dishes with the senior chef of the restaurant 

Can control days and nights 

Don't want to sleep at home? Go for the adventure and sleep in the tent 

Extremely safe for kids 

No third-party interference

No in-app purchases

No forcing links 

No time limit or high scores or rules, play stress-free

5 lovely animals to care for and play with 

Now it's time to know how many steps are there to be taken in this wonderful game and what to do in it. So, let's get started as follows:

Step 1

You have a great backyard at your house where you have to first grow some vegetables and fruits of your choice. Take the help of other characters in the game to accomplish this work.  Dog some holes pour manure in th and plant the saplings. Don't forget to water these little saplings every day.

Step 2 

Now, go out shopping to buy new things for your house and some snacks to serve your dear friends and neighbors. Pay the bill in the supermarket and don't forget to enjoy some ice cream with your mother during the game while returning to your home.

Step 3 

Take some rest after coming back from the market and then get ready to help your loving mother in the kitchen. Prepare some delicious dishes with her and serve them to your guests. Not only this you can visit the nearby restaurant and have the experience of cooking with senior chefs.

Step 4 

Bored at home? Call out your friends and plan an outing. Pack your bags properly for trekking and camping, and reach the destination by visiting and exploring several places like railway stations, police stations, airports, etc. Take out your sleeping bag and have sweet dreams under the starry sky.

So, this is how you can play Toca Life:Town with unlimited fun. Just keep going with the flow of the game and enjoy your free time.


No, there are no rewards or time limits. This is because the game is developed specifically for kids and thus entertainment is the real and sole purpose of this game and not any competition among young ones.

Toca Life Town is an amazing game that teaches your child everything about an ideal town. It helps to develop an understanding in your child about what all things like stores, parks, police stations, etc are there in any town and how these can be useful and this is why this game is so much loved by parents from different corners of the globe. So, are you ready to be one of those parents? Then go and get Toca Life Town on your phone! 




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