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Trivia Crack
Trivia Crack is a puzzle game with topics such as entertainment, art, history, science, geography and sports.

About Trivia Crack

How good is your general knowledge? Test it against others in Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a trivia game that lets you test your knowledge against other users in the game. There are a few playing options to play, and each has different rewards and rules. At the start of the game, you will be taken to First Steps, where you will get some instructions on how to play Trivia Crack. 

At the bottom of the screen, you can return to the main page via the home icon. The calendar icon takes you to the list of options you can play while waiting for your opponent to answer the questions. Trivia Crack allows you to play against other people in different formats, or answer as many as you can in Triviathon. 

You have 20 seconds to answer the questions, miss the time limit and you will lose. If you are stuck, you can use power ups to help you. You use coins to skip questions or use a power-up during the game. This may help you stay in the game longer, especially if you are aiming for a good rank. If you answered a question in error, but want to keep your turn, you can pay to keep it using a credit. 

Types of Questions

There are 7 types of questions in Trivia Crack, each represented by a cute character. Al is the Science guy, Hector deals with History, Tito handles Geography, Pop likes Entertainment, Bonzo is a Sports football, Tina deals with art. When you land on the crown, you can get any question. Willy is your guide, he is the wheel with hat on. 

Classic Mode

You can invite a friend to play against in Classic Mode, simply send a link to invite them to play Trivia Crack. When you are playing against a friend or a random opponent, you tap the on the center to spin the wheel. Where it lands, you will get a question. Answer 3 questions to earn a character, which goes to your side on the top of the screen. There are 25 rounds for you to earn the characters. You can only collect 3 characters a turn, unless you answer a question wrongly. Your opponent will have a turn, and you keep taking turns until someone collects all the characters. 

Survival Mode 

Play against 9 other players in survival mode, and may the strongest wins. The game eliminates players with wrong answers, and you have to compete against everyone else in real time. There is a ranking system, the higher you rank the richer the rewards. Questions in survival mode are random, but you 


Aside from answering questions and beating your opponent, you have targets to achieve. There are many objectives in the game, which you can check out in the trophy section next to the shop button. Achieving your objectives will give you coins, lives, and credits. Each wrong answer in the Classic mode will cost you a life, and they take an hour to regenerate. 

Gems are tokens that you use to exchange for Trivia Crack cards, which open up to give prizes like coins, credits or more lives. It costs 1 to 6 gems to spin the slot machines in the engine room, there are 4 types of slot machines you can choose from. 

The best way to play this game is to practice. There are a lot of questions in the game, but they tend to repeat from time to time. You can also use the traditional method of reading more so you can brush up on your general knowledge. If you answer a question wrong, you will lose a turn, your opponent can take the opportunity to get ahead. 

Read the question and answer options carefully before selecting, but do not forget about the 20 second time limit. Triviathon is one of the best ways to practice on questions, because you play against yourself, and if you answer one wrongly, you just start the game at the bottom. Beating your own personal best will earn you rewards. Which topic is your favorite in Trivia Crack? Share your tips at the comment area below so more people can like this game. 




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