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Where's My Water
Crocodile Naughty Love Bath" is a mobile game in which a crocodile Naughty (Swampy) wants to live a human-like life and likes to be clean very much.

About Where's My Water

Disney never disappoints when it comes to fun and thrill. Even when it comes to games, you can have a lot of fun with it. One of the games by Disney named ‘Where's My Water?’ is available on smartphones. It is a fun puzzle genre game which is ranked among the top 5 best games on Android and iOS. Though this game is not available for free, it is completely worth the buy! It is a one-time purchase. Then, you can enjoy and play the game whenever and wherever you want. Read on to know more about this game in detail.

Overview of ‘Where's My Water?’

This is a puzzle game where you have to help the alligators in this game to get the water in shower which is otherwise broken. This game is divided into several unique and amazing levels. Each and every level is a different challenge where you have to solve a puzzle based on physics. Apply your life-like mechanics skills and expertise to work here.

You have to cut through the soil or dirt for guiding the fresh water into the shower. With each level, challenges will get more and more difficult. There will be some challenging scenarios that you have to go through. But remember that every drop of water counts. 

Main Features:

What makes the ‘Where's My Water?’ even more interesting and exciting are the features. This puzzle game is not like any other usual ones. It is quite unique. Here the special features that make this game unique:

Completely original storyline with unique characters

Exploring the innovative mechanisms in different forms

Different bonus levels with new challenges

Some special items and collectibles available 

Different stories for all characters – Allie, Swampy and Cranky

If you love to play puzzle games, then you will surely love this game. It is a game with some amazing twists. You will love the game as it proceeds because the levels get more and more challenging. Also the game is quite addicting but easy to play. Here are some of the steps that you have to follow to play this game:

Step #1: Know the characters

Before you start playing the game, the first and foremost thing that you have to do is to know the characters properly. There are 3 main characters – Swampy, Allie and Cranky. Swampy is the alligator that lives under the city in the sewers. He is friendly and curious and loves taking showers at the end of the day. Allie is a creative alligator with artistic talent. She needs the steam for the musical instruments. The third character is Cranky which is a gator with a huge appetite. You have to use the purple water for clearing the plates of Cranky before he eats.

Step #2: Find the Water

Now that you know the characters and why they need water, it is important to start the ‘Where's My Water?’ game. Each of the alligators has a different choice when it comes to water. You need to find the water for them and direct that water to them so that they can use it for bathing, playing instruments and cleaning. While guiding the water to them, you will face different obstacles and hindrances. You have to use different mechanical tactics to ensure that the water reach to the alligators successfully.

Step #3: Catch the Mystery Duck

This is something very important. You have to catch the fancy teleporting Mystery Duck. It can appear in some of the bonus and special chapters. The timing is very important for catching these mystery ducks. There are different types of mystery ducks that you have to catch, such as cute little ducklings and megaducks.

No doubt, this puzzle game is quite unique and interesting. What are you waiting for? Join the 'Where's my water' game and use it now! Though the first few levels will seem to be very easy, it will get more and more challenging as you level up. You have to make sure that you are using all your mechanical skills to play this game. Once you play the game, please make sure to share some of your tips or reviews here with us. It will definitely help the new players too and they can play the game seamlessly.




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