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Axolochi is a pet game where players play with them, grow with them and change their shape and colour!

About Axolochi

Axolochi- Nurture And Let Them Leave For Their Mystic World 

Do you love sea creatures? Yes, then let's know about a game which is based on one of those sea creatures -Axolochi. The game is full of fun but also responsibility. Feeling tempted to know more about it? Yes then read the following sections below and enjoy knowing the game! 

Axolochi is all about nurturing axolotls who are lovely sea creatures and grow very fast. What you have to do as a player is to feed, clean, pet, and care for them. If you perform your duty well then these will grow very fast and leave an egg for you in return. 

Important Features Of Axolochi

Though the game is designed especially for kids, this doesn't mean that it will not have so many features. This has all the important aspects that a kid game must have and apart from that many other features are also included by the game developers. Let's know what are those as follows:

Easy to play and master 

Free to play 

Interesting in-app purchases

Extremely safe for kids

Supervised and limited advertisements

No time limit or game limit 

No adult content 

Axolochi is very simple to play as it is designed keeping the kids in mind. Therefore let's know what simple things you have to do in this game to complete or play it.

Step 1 

First of all, you have to clean the place of Axolochi and monitor it also. Cleaning the place is very important because it will make them feel good and will also give them a good environment to grow themselves well.  If you do not clean the area then your Axolochi might get into bad health and because of it, the game progress might be reversed. Therefore as you tap on the game to play check the home of Axolochi and if it is bad or dirty then clean it. 

Step 2 

After cleaning it's time to feed them, you can give them a variety of food but the best one would be to feed them fish and other seafood. You should feed them on time so that they can get all the important nutrients properly. If you don't take care of their feeding time then the Axolochi will become weak and thus won't be able to grow as fast as they should.

Step 3 

Now it's time to pet the Axolochi pr Axolochies so that they feel adorable and warm. While petting them remember that you don't pet them too hard that they feel hurt and start crying. Do it very gently so that they fall asleep and wake up straight in the morning. Sleeping as you are is a very important part of growing. If one sleeps well then one grows well and this nature is not only for humans but also for animals.

Step 4 

It's the morning when you Axolochi has grown up fully and become an adult. What next? Don't worry because the game isn't over here. You have got other tasks as well where you have to leave the Axolochi out of the water where he can live in the mystic world and have adventures there. After doing this you have to find the other Axolochi eggs whom you can care for and watch growing. 

This is how you can nurture Axolochi and then relieve them to their world but the Axolochies isn't mean as they will not leave you alone but will give you some clue to find their colorful eggs. Those eggs will be your duty and love until the next mission of growing them is completed.


No, there are not any rewards as the game is designed specifically for entertainment purposes and not to encourage kids to compete while playing the game forgetting about the fun.

Axolochi is an amazing game that is free for all its users. The game is very safe for kids as it does not promote any harmful or adult content further. Your data is also secured with the good data protection policy of Axolochi. So, what are you waiting for to start playing this game? Nothing? Then start it from today onwards!




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