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Manor Matters
Manor Matters is a fast-paced elimination puzzle game with a variety of puzzles to solve and challenges to get more out of the game.

About Manor Matters

Manor Matters: Enjoy Solving Mysteries 

Are you finding some mystery games? If yes then you have got to the perfect place as here you are going to discover about Manor Matters which is one such mystery-solving game and even more than that. So, let's begin to uncover each fact about it as follows:

The game starts with renovating the house and making it perfect for living. As the house isn't a normal one and is full of mysterious things you have to solve the puzzles there and know what has been the story there in the past times and this is how you complete the gameplay of Manor Matters.

Game Features Of Manor Matters 

Manor Matters though hasn't got many features but whatever features are there in it are very important. How? Let's know with knowing them as follows: 

Earn the stars 

Find the hidden objects

Explore the amazing scenes of the manor

Show your detective skills with several items and modes

Free to play

Limited and recognized advertisements 

Stunning in-app purchases

Safe for kids 

No harmful content 

Design the furniture of the manor

Clean it and find some designs for renovating it

Explore the rooms of the manor and find the clues to getting the ancient treasure

Play the game with the flow of the storyline 

Interesting characters 

It is quite simple and easy also to play Manor matters as it hasn't got any unnecessary or unimportant features and also it has got a perfect story on which the entire game runs. But if you are a beginner, then it's necessary to know how to play this game. Therefore follow each instruction given below carefully to enjoy playing Manor Matters fully: 

Step 1 

The first thing that you have to do in this game is to renovate the manor as it is in very bad condition and can collapse anytime. Therefore don't wait for the right time and find some good and beautiful designs for Manor's renovation. Keep the house clean and safe after renovating it as it is now your property. 

Step 2

Renovation is over but still, there are a few things in the house that don't look good. Therefore change them. You can either give your design or can take what is offered to you in the game. For example, change the study table that looks poor in the pretty corner and get it replaced with a new and fashionable one.

Step 3

Now take a tour of the house and explore its rooms well so that you can find some clues to get the ancient treasure. Show your detective skills using different tools. Check each and everything well because clues can be written or hidden anywhere in the house.

Step 4 

Have you got the clue but don't know how to decode it? Don't worry and play the puzzle where you have to arrange three same-color gems in the same line next to each other by just putting a finger and swiping left or right to move them. Solving a puzzle successfully will decode a clue and collect all the clues you can find in the age-old ancient treasure.

Step 5 

The game doesn't end by just getting the treasure as the house has got a lot of mysteries as well. Finding a treasure can be easy but unlocking it couldn't be because for that you have to first solve the mystery. What mystery? That will be provided to you when you get the treasure and every time you play the game the mystery will be changed every time. So you just have to follow the story to play the game well, it's that simple. Isn't it? Yes, it is!

Yes, you can earn the stars in the game by finding hidden things and solving the mystery. These stars can be turned into rewards and you can get many amazing detective tools from it which will help you to unlock the treasure or solve the final mystery of the game.

Final Thoughts

Manor Matters is a lovely game that has got many surprising things in it. Therefore if you love solving mysteries and finding treasures then this game is built for you. So, try your hand at Manor Matters today! 




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