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Clash of Clans
Join millions of players as they build villages, form tribes and take part in epic tribal battles!

About Clash of Clans

Released in 2012, Clash of Clans is an addictive mobile game about building a base, raising an army, and raiding your foes. Join a clan, make new friends, and defeat your enemies in Clan Wars and take a top spot on the leaderboards!

What is Clash of Clans About?

Clash of Clans is a free mobile game that’s all about building up your base and taking down the bases of others. Show off your dedication and skill as you build up resources, then put your strategies and upgrades to the test when you battle with other players. 

While Clash of Clans is an older game (it was released in 2012), it’s had over a decade of constant upgrades and improvements. This means that the modern version of the game is polished, balanced, and much fairer to new players and free-to-play players than the game has been at many points in its history.

Clash of Clans Description

Clash of Clans combines elements of base building with role-playing upgrades, resource management, and plenty of strategy and planning. When you start off the game, the game guides you through the process of making a basic base and launching some raids against AI players. You’ll have the opportunity to build new buildings in your base and upgrade old buildings and units, enabling you to create powerful defensive structures, heroes, and attacking units. You’ll be able to build balloons, simple barbarians, sneaky goblins, powerful wizards, and even dragons that will try to take down your opponent’s bases.

Your progression starts off very quickly, but after a few hours or days of playing, you’ll find that getting the resources required for the stuff you need can take a long time. There are lots of ways to gain resources in modern Clash of Clans, from participating in PVP and Clan Wars to simply setting up a proper base and waiting around while your buildings generate resources on their own. The game offers a few opportunities to spend real-life money to shorten the grind, but don’t be fooled. Maxing out in Clash of Clans will take lots of time.

Clash of Clan’s attack system is devilishly simple, allowing you to easily launch complex raids on your phone. All you need to do is plop down units you’ve trained around the edges of the map. These units control themselves, automatically attacking nearby structures so you can plunder their booty. There’s a lot of skill involved in quickly analyzing your opponents’ base layout and understanding exactly how strong your units are, allowing you to quickly and efficiently knock over lots of structures and claim a big reward.

For many players, the best part of Clash of Clans is the clan system. Clash of Clans is very much a social game. You’ll need to be part of a clan to participate in Clan Wars, Clan War Leauges, and more. Getting into your first clan can be tricky, but it’s something that’s definitely worth doing. The veterans in your clan will be a great source of advice, help, and resources. Best of all, even as a new player, you’ll be able to contribute to your clan’s success in a multitude of ways, whether it’s by rising through the ranks as an attacking star, donating siege units to your clan’s attackers, or just being a fun person who’s active in the clan’s chat.

Clash of Clans is very much worth checking out, even though it’s been out since 2012. Its constant updates mean that it’s been beautifully polished and improved over the years. The game’s strong social support, simple gameplay, and progression systems make it just as fun as it’s always been. 

Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks

As a newcomer to Clash of Clans, the single most important tip is to join a clan, fast. A clan full of active, friendly players will make playing the game much more fun. They’ll also be able to provide help in the form of advice, resources, units, and more. If your clan isn’t helpful, go ahead and ditch them for a new one!

The other big tip is to be careful about spending gems, Clash of Clan’s most limited resource. Early on, you’ll need to use these to upgrade your Town Hall and acquire more workers. Spend some time asking your clan for tips about what’s best to upgrade at your current stage. In previous versions of the game, it was best to slowly upgrade your Town Hall while maxing out other things at the same time, but these days many players think it’s more advantageous to max out your Town Hall quickly. Either way, check in with your clan to see how you can best contribute to your clan’s success!




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