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Disney Magic Kingdoms
Create your own Disney fantasy land, call on everyone's favourite Disney characters and take part in exciting special adventures.

About Disney Magic Kingdoms

Help Mickey Mouse and Merlin save the Castle by lifting Curses in Disney Magic Kingdoms

Oh no! Maleficent has put a curse on Disney Park, and you have to look for Magic to lift the curse and bring light back into the park. You are in Disneyland, and Mickey greets you when you enter the park. You meet Merlin, who explains to you that someone has put a curse in the park and you have to help lift the curse. At the start, Mickey goes around to lift the dark fog of some parts of the map. 

You can zoom in and out of the map by pinching or widening your fingers. The statue is closer to the main door of Disney Castle. On the top right corner, you have a blue bottle of Magic, and a pink gem. Magic is the main currency in the game, and it is how you lift curses from other parts of the park. A cursed part of the park is darker in color, preventing you from accessing it. The pink gem is a premium currency that speeds up the time limit as well as buying more Magic. 

On the right left hand corner, Mickey is one of the characters that you can direct to give tasks to. The yellow star next to him is your level in the game, although Mickey himself can level up. The little Mickey Mouse logo at the bottom of the star is the busy characters icon. 

At the bottom left, you have a quest bar. Tap on the activity to show which character the task is assigned to. On the bottom right, you have the shop to buy gems, or magic with real money. You can look at the full list of characters in the Characters Book. 

Finding Characters

There are many fun characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms, and they are split into Heroes and Villains. Heroes like Mickey’s friend Goofy, Woody from Toy Story and many more have to be welcomed. First, you have to find the tokens for them. When Maleficent cursed the kingdom, they all went missing, and you need some magic and Tokens to Welcome them back into the park. 

The Tokens are also part of the items you need for leveling up your characters. Your characters have to be at a certain level before they can proceed to do quests. There are many ways to earn a Token, you can perform other quests to earn one as reward, or through attractions that you buy. 

At the start, your aim is to find more friends who are missing in the park. Mickey and Merlin will guide you through the game, so all you have to do is follow their lead. Then the guests arrive, so you need to entertain your guests on top. 

You can find attractions like rides, floats and food stalls as you play through the quests. You will be able to find chests hiding around the park that give you smaller buildings like food stalls and decorations. Larger attractions like this float garage require more magic to unlock. But once you unlock these big ones, you have the chance to collect Tokens, magic and gems. 

If your characters do not have a quest, or if you are going to be away from the game. Have them perform some side missions to collect Magic and Tokens, instead of letting them roam around. Each building in the park attracts guests and therefore Magic after a certain time, do not leave your big buildings in the storeroom unless there is no space. 

Once Merlin welcomes himself into the castle, he will move to his spot at the Cauldron. You can turn items you do not use into Elixirs with Merlin’s help. Simply drag a concession stand or decoration into the cauldron and Merlin will do the rest. Elixirs are special currencies for special  fabrics and character scrolls. 

There are many attractions and quests in your mission to lift all the curse in Disney Magic Kingdom. You will find that the park is truly magical. If you have any tips on how to gain more Magic, share your ideas in the comment area down below so that more people can like the game. 




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