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Disney Princess Majestic Quest
Disney Princess Majestic Quest is a triple elimination game in which players match in a format similar to Candy Crush Saga or other similar games.

About Disney Princess Majestic Quest

Disney Princess Majestic Quest is all about the life of a princess and its associated problems. The game has a lot of adventurous tasks which engage its players in the best way and make them addicted to this game.  

If you have ever watched any Disney movie based on Princess and her life then it will not take even a second for you to understand the game. But it has much more than that which you will know in the following sections below as follows: 

In this game, you have to help the Disney Princess in decorating their kingdoms and restoring them. The game is filled with many challenging puzzles with the iconic journey of your favorite Disney Princesses.

The whole game doesn't center around the princesses but also there are other expeditions that you need to complete to win the game and move to the other levels. 

Features Of Disney Princess Majestic Quest

As you know how much a princess has in her castle and around places, the game also has similar things and thus you have to deal with a lot of them. Apart from this, several features will make it easy for you to play the game and will amaze you as well. So, let's not waste your time and start early to know its features as follows: 

Free to play 

Many in-app purchases that may tempt you 

Amazing 3D graphics

Can experience the castle life from the closest 

Many interesting characters

Several helpful tools 

Breathtaking adventures

Mind challenging puzzles

Can explore many of the world's ancient cities virtually 

Beautiful room decor stuff 

More than 100 challenging levels 

This is one of the most important sections where you will get to know what you have to do when you meet many Disney characters including Mulan, Aladdin, etc.

So now you know that there are many levels in the game in which you have to sometimes decorate the princess's room while in some you have to solve the puzzle by matching 3 gems of the same color to help her restore her city Agrabah. Now, let's proceed to know how to perform all these things as follows: 

Step 1 

First, pick up the item that you want to decorate the princess's room with and then solve the puzzle to know the exact way in which you have to put the things and make the room look beautiful. If you do this successfully then you'll be promoted to the next level.

Step 2 

Here you will be given the task to save the city of Agrabah. There you have to kill the evils and solve the Puzzles again to make the right use of the weapons. Here also if you do this successfully then the next level will be unlocked for you! 

Step 3 

In this stage, you have to explore ancient cities. For that, you have to visit places and again solve the Puzzles with the different characters provided to you. Here also, if you get successful in this then you'll be promoted to the next level and the game continues like this. 

What About Rewards? 

Yes, there are. If you play the game smoothly and complete all the tasks then you will be rewarded with points and stars that will resemble your strength. 

Before you start playing the game note this important thing: the game displays many advertisements that will lead you to the site of that third party. But you need not worry as you can alter the setting going to the menu and stop these from disturbing you while playing.  

Next, always enable password protection otherwise it may lead to any unauthorized in-app purchases. Also, it helps with other things like access of any third party to your account, etc. 

Though the game doesn't necessarily require internet access to play, some specific things can only be run with an internet connection. Further, if you allow your location to be accessed then you can also know the other players from your locality who are trying on this game. So, isn't this an amazing thing? 

So, what are you waiting for, grab your phone and start playing Disney Princess Majestic Quest! 




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