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Dr. Panda Town
Explore and discover all kinds of amazing adventures by crossing the boundaries of 30 unique areas!

About Dr. Panda Town

Do you love playing some relaxing yet fun games? Well, Dr. Panda Town is a perfect game in this genre which is available for free. You can join this mobile game on your Android or iOS phone/tablet.

Of late, this game has become quite popular because of the increase in the number of players playing it. This game allows you to explore, go beyond boundaries and uncover many wonderful adventures. To know more about the gameplay, features and how to play, read on.

What is the game all about?

Talking about the game background story and gameplay, you will get to choose from plethora of options to choose for your adventure. Do you want to be a hair salon owner or a police officer fighting against crimes? You can do anything you want in the Dr. Panda Town. 

You have the complete freedom to create your own adventure in this game as everything depends on your decision. You can take a walk through the town or explore the houses if you want. In the game, you can also create characters and customize them with various styles. The gameplay is simple and easy which is soothing and relaxing in nature.

Features of Dr. Panda Town

Being one of the most popular games, many people love to play it. If you are wondering what is so lovable about this game, then the features of this game are your answer. Here are the most significant features of Dr. Panda Town:

Explore and discover different adventures and hidden secrets in the town

Complete freedom to explore any places, such as Mall, Amusement Park and Town

Play different games in the arcade 

Explore the ancient ruins to find hidden treasures

Allow you to have different experiences in the game

Various unique locations to explore

Create different characters and plan with them

Customizing options available for the hair and facial features of your character

Now that you know the details about the gameplay and game features, it is important to know how to play this game. Of course, if you are here, we can assume that you are new to this mobile game. Don’t worry as we have provided a complete step by step guide on how you can play this game successfully. Here are the steps to be followed:

Step #1: Create the characters

You can create characters in this game and customize their looks too. You can experiment with different hair colors, facial features and more in this game. You get the full freedom of experimenting different looks and change the outfits as many times as you want to.

Step #2: Explore different amusement park

You can explore different locations in the game. One of the places is amusement park. You can go there and have fun with other characters. It is relaxing and fun. It is mainly an educational game with some fun feature. 

Step #3: Head to the Town Mall

The Dr. Panda Town game comes with a mall where you can go for a visit. In this mall, you can shop around. It comes with various stores and shops that you can explore. Browse through all the shops and then buy anything that you want.

Step #4: Go for a vacation

From the tons of things that you can do in this game, you can also go for a vacation. Choose one of the 6 exotic options that you have. Visit that island and you can explore the area completely while having fun. Plan your trip to visit different locations in the island o get the best feel of the vacation. 

Let’s Play!

The Dr. Panda Town game is all about fun and relaxation. Though this game falls under the educational game genre as it helps you to learn many things, this game is quite a fun to play. You can do and explore whatever you want and lead a life of your dream here in this game. The town has everything that you want to explore. So, go around and have fun! What are you waiting for? Join the game and make sure to leave your valuable feedback on this game in the comments section below.

It can be quite supportive and helpful for the new players who are looking for some valuable reviews about this game. 




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