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My City: Star Horse Stable
My City: Horse is an interactive stable where you can play with your horse.

About My City: Star Horse Stable

My City Star Stable: Ride The Horses And Love Them 

My City Star Stable is back with another amazing game - My City Star Stable. Let's know what's unique about it. So get ready, to begin with, the adventure: 

If you love horses then My City Star Stable is for you as you can take care of horses in the game and also ride them with a lot of fun. It has got many features and very simple gameplay, lets know all these as follows:

Features Of My City Star Stable 

Feeling excited after knowing the gameplay? Then hold on as it's going to enhance after knowing about the features of the game as well, therefore read them as follows:

Can access the game lifetime and updates for free after purchasing it once

Explore the stable locations 

Learn to take care of animals 

Learn to take responsibility 

No third-party advertisements to disturb you 

Stunning graphics and gameplay

Safe for kids

Easy to learn and play 

If you have ever played such a stable game then it will not take you more than a minute to catch the gameplay but if you haven't then there are a few possibilities that you can get stuck in the beginning. But when you are here reading this post then you should not worry because below is given the treasure in how to play, ho, and unlock it with your reading skills as follows:

Step 1

Visit the stable first and then choose your horse whom you would like to care for forever. After choosing the horse, explore the stable and check whether it is clean or not because from now on it will be your responsibility to maintain and check the cleanliness of the stable so that your horse doesn't live in a dirty place and can sustain a healthy life.

Step 2 

Now it's time to dress up yourself and your horse. So, for that, go to a store and buy some amazing new dresses for you and your lovely horse. Take a trial at the shop so that you do not need to come back to change the clothes and waste your time. 

Step 3

After getting ready it's time to have some food and also feed your horse with a healthy meal. Always give your horse a meal at the right time, neither too late nor too early. This is how you learn to be responsible. The healthy food you'll give to your horse the healthier it will become so never compromise on that and choose the right meal.

Step 4

Are you bored now? Then why wait in the stable, take a ride with your horse and also you can have a horse race with your friends who are there with you in the stable. Don't push them too much as they can also get tired of it being their first time riding. Also, give them sufficient time to take rest after that so that they can regain their energy for the next morning's ride.

Step 5 

Is your mare not well? Then call the doctor immediately. Oh! She is about to give birth to a baby, congratulations! So, now you have got two -three horses to care for. Pay the doctor and also thank her for the service. In the hustle don't forget to take the doctor's advice on how to take care of the infants and the mother mare.

This is how you can play My City Star Stable with such easy steps. Follow the above-mentioned steps religiously to master the game soon.


The game - My City Star Stable has many rewards waiting for you. All you have to do is follow and complete the given tasks very well, as the game has no time limit therefore it will be very easy for you to do that. So, get ready to collect as many rewards as you can! 

Final Thoughts

My City Star Stable is a very good animal game, which has everything that an educational game should have. Further, it has all the safety rules to avoid any mishappenings with kids. So, get ready to play My City Star Stable from today!




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