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Girls Hair Salon
Let your imagination run wild as you create beautiful hairstyles in the popular girls' hair salon!

About Girls Hair Salon

Girls Hair Salon is among the safest kids' games that you can trust by heart for your kid. Girls Hair Salon is not a game only for child children but boys are also welcome to play it as many of the characters in the game include boys as well who are always ready to get their hair styled. Let's know more about this kid's amazing game in the following sections below: 


Girls Hair Salon starts as soon as you tap on the screen to play and open the shutter of your salon to let the customers inside your place. There you have to make different hairstyles for your clients and make them happy with them 

There are many tools in the game that you can use and act like a professional hair stylist. You can use your imagination and create a new and unique hairstyle in your mind and then try it on your client. 

The clients that come to you are quite different and will have different hair problems. Some will have split ends, frizzy, damaged, curly, etc types of hair. So you have to treat them also using your hairstyle knowledge and then make them look pretty with a perfect hairstyle 

Features Of Girl Hair Salon 

So are you ready to know the amazing features of Girls Hair Salon? If yes then read the points below and feel lucky to know about this game early : 

Free to play 

No advertisements in between 

Safe for kids 

No risk of any harmful or adult content in between

Enhances imagination

Funny characters that resemble some cartoons 

Wonderful gaming graphics and 3D themes 

Easy to learn and play for kids 

No external interferences 

Educational content 

The game might seem easy to you but when it comes to explaining to your child how this game works then you need to read any manual or some instructions on "how to play at Girls Hair Salon". So, if you are reading this post then you need not wander anywhere to know anything else about this game as you'll get everything including the instructions on how to play this game as follows: 

Step 1 

Open the salon and start your day. Dress so that you appear like a professional hair stylist and many people get attracted to you for hair services. You can use some decorative tools and design your salon's outer wall to make it appealing. 

Step 2 

Welcome the customers and ask "how can you help them". Ask them for some refreshments so that they get comfortable with you and are impressed as well with your services so that they desire to visit your place again and suggest your services to their friends. 

Step 3 

Make their hairstyles. You can solve puzzles to check which style will suit your client the best and which one will not. You can also customize hairstyles according to your creative thinking and name them. Make sure whatever you do does take much time as many other clients are also waiting outside. 

Step 4 

Impress your customer and get bonuses. Yes, you can get many rewards in many ways and claim them. Doing this the level ends and you can unlock the next one. 

How To Get Rewards In The Girls Hair Salon? 

It is very easy to earn and claim this game as you just have to either solve the easy puzzle or impress your client with your work. A happy client means a bonus or reward. So, next time when you attend a client in the game don't take him/her for granted rather welcome them as an opportunity to get rewards. 

Final Thoughts 

Girls Hair Salon is a good and safe game in that you can easily give your phone or any device to your child and let him play this wonderful game all alone. So whenever you need some free time from your kids, add this game to your phone and let your little ones have fun with this game.This way you can have some leisure time without worrying and getting annoyed by your little one! 




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