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Fluffy Fall
Fluffy Fall is a 3D ultra-realistic simulation of parkour adventure game. The operation of the game is very test the player's reaction ability.

About Fluffy Fall

Enter into a 3D adventure that will highly entertain you by maneuvering adorable fluffy across dangerous obstacles.

Fluffy fall is a highly adventurous and by using one finger, you can maneuver your adorable Fluffy while avoiding dangers like lasers, ice, and fire. The path is fraught with danger, yet it will inevitably draw you in. the unique 3D features have been combined with approachable gameplay that is unexpectedly engaging. 

The game gives you the impression that you actually have a natural pet or even feel like you want to own a real-life version of such an adorable fluffy. The game is adventurous and does not take up much of your time or energy. Therefore, if you are stressed or upset about something, take your phone or any device that can access the game and start playing. The fluffy's life is dreadful and terrifying. However, you will also be content with the adorable fluffy to play with.

Avoiding Obstacles

The game is fun and easy to play, where the goal is to overcome several challenges or levels using the adorable fluffy. To avoid any of the obstacles, you must manipulate the fluffy at all times. Additionally, you must be aware that there are pretty risky barriers since they will instantly kill your fluffy if they come to contact with it. The route the fluffy is supposed to go through is obstructed by whirling saws, fire, ice, and other dangerous components that will make you lose if you are not careful while playing the game.

Adapting to the Speed

The exciting part of the game is that the speed of the fluffy increases as it goes further in the game. Therefore, the game needs a lot of patience and focus for you to pass the challenges and obstacles present. There is also the option of experimenting with various fluffy to choose which suits you. You must gather coins that will help you unlock other fluffies with different qualities that help in other challenging levels. Therefore, it is time for you to plunge into the unknown and you're adorable fluffy. You will always be together with just a click of a button, and you should not be scared to play further in the game.

How to Gather Coins

Gathering coins is crucial because it will help you access other levels and fluffies in the game. The following are some of the ways you can use to earn coins while playing the game:

Spinning the Wheel

To gather coins and increase your score, you must fall through tubes provided in the game. The score and coins rise every time you complete each obstacle where there are a variety of hurdles to choose from. The barriers can be in the form of flamethrowers, stacks of ice and lasers where you need to help your fluffy get across without coming into contact with each of them.

Once you have gathered at least 100 coins, you can spin the wheel and choose or buy other kinds of fluffy provided in the game. Every fluffy has a unique perk attached to it, where most of them will have more coins. However, others will start moving more quickly and receive beneficial features such as becoming resistant to some of the obstacles like the ice. Therefore, the more you play and succeed at each level, the more coins you will gather.

Viewing Advertisements and Collecting Coins on Pathways

You can earn coins further in the levels by viewing different advertisements represented by an ad sign on the game. You have the option of watching many advertisements so that you can increase the number of coins in your account. Remember to check the pop-up of ads on the screen after some time to access other videos. You can also try to complete some quests to earn extra coins. The game provides you with special duties where you will be required to maneuver your fluffy through a line of coins to collect them and ensure that you do not hit the obstacles that may be present as you collect them. Collecting these coins will earn you extra coins that will help to unlock other levels or fluffies.

Summing it Up

The game is very adventurous, and you can't resist attempting to more adorable Fluffy. Even though some levels and obstacles are challenging, you will continue to be eager to invest your time in repeatedly trying due to the exciting and appealing features of the game. Additionally, each time your Fluffy runs into a barrier and cries out in agony, you will feel terrible for it and try news ways of preventing it from getting hurt by the obstacles. Therefore, you need to work more diligently to safeguard your Fluffy.




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