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Helix Stack Jump
Play Helix Stack Jump now and enjoy this addictive arcade style falling game.

About Helix Stack Jump

Helix Stack Jump is an interesting game where you have to just cross the platform using your brain skills to make a strategy to use the jumping balls. Jump your ball to the game and complete it like a pro . Lets know more about it as follows: 

There are many helix platforms in the game from which you have to pass . You can smash , bounce or blast balls through them but remember that if you don't have to hit the black one because of you then it's over for you . 

The jumping ball is in your control ,you can make it dance on your command and tapping it successfully you can cross the platform jumping on your toes easily . The most interesting thing is that you can turn the smash ball into fire as well if the black platform doest breaks and clears you passage . So, show your skills and become the master in the game .

Features Of Helix Stack Jump 

There is no doubt that the special features of this game makes it amazing . Thinking what might be those ? So, you need not to think any more but just read as follows to know those features: 

First, it is very easy to play the game 

Starts with just a simple tap

Amazing and realistic visual effects 

Easy to learn and simple controls 

Doest promote any specific age group i.e an entertainment for everyone 

Enhances brain power by making strategies to cross the levels 

Amazing and styling stack jump

Free to play 

Doesn't promote any adult content 

No need to always have wifi connection just to play the game 

If you want to score the highest and want to be among the best players then it is very important that you know what to do in the game and what not to. And if you are anyone who doesn't even know how to play the game then this section is going to be very beneficial for you . How ? This you'll understand only after going through it which is as follows: 

Stage  1

In the beginning make a strategy on how you are going to land and how many jumps are needed for it . For this , before you finally start to move or jump, observe the pattern carefully and don't forget the fact that patience is a key skill here which will help you throughout the game ,so don't lose it and decide at what place you are going to land first .

Stage 2 

Now, after you have planned to move ,you can take two or more platforms and jump. You won't be able to find the safe landing place just by seeing the platforms and therefore to get to the safest one you have to knock out the red one.So, use your toes and jump fast 3-4 knocking out the dangerous ones and then finally land on the one that you were desiring.

Stage 3 

Keep on following the above two stages and practice as much as you can. After practicing it will be clear to you how much you have to tap on the screen to pass the platform fast, jump, and also it will get easy for you to spot the openings of platforms and more.  Yes, the game is this much only but as you move forward the obstacles are going to be more often and the speed as well. So, don't take it lightly! 

So, following these tricks and tips, you can score more than you might score as of now. To master this game you need not do any in-app purchases, go easy with practice and patience and see how you process your gaming skills.

Yes, Helix Stack Jump is an easy-easy-to-learn-and-play but this doesn't mean that it's going to be boring as all the levels will be crossed easily. No, because it is easy "only" to learn and start the game but as you proceed in the game it becomes harder and harder to cross the challenges. Therefore, it is not only thrilling but also challenging.

So, if you want to entertain yourself for hours and challenge your brain every day then go and start to play this relaxing Helix Stack Jump today! 




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