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Fruit Ninja 2
Fruit Ninja is one of the most fun games ever. Come check out the latest game in the Fruit Ninja universe!

About Fruit Ninja 2

Fruit Ninja is something that many of you might have ever played or had ever heard of but Fruit Ninja 2 is its new version with many different and amazing features. 

The game is real-time fun as you can play it from many players all over the world. You can experience the feeling of being a real Ninja in this virtual world. Therefore try to act like it and show your strength by cutting the fruits in just one go. Want to know more about this game? Then follow the post till the end!

If you have tried the old version of this game then you know much of the things but not all because the game developers have modified it much. Therefore whether you are a new player or an old follower you need to know everything about it.

The game starts with a Ninja whose primary focus is to cut every fruit that comes near or in proof of him. The Ninja isn't any normal one as it has different types of unique blades and dresses that he can change anytime he wants but with some conditions. Let's know what else is there in this game with the following sections:

Features Of Fruit Ninja 2 

You should not confuse this new Fruit Ninja with the old one because it has many different characteristics. These characteristics fit well with the modern-day requirements of every player. Thus the game is different from its old version. The question that should be raised here is in what aspects it is not similar to the old Fruit Ninja. So, to know this let's discuss its features as follows which will answer each of your queries :

Original modes like Zen, Classic, or Arcade and also can change with other modes

Real-time player online modes

Players from all across the world 

New and characters

Taunts packs and character skins

Amazing locations 

Interesting soundtracks and visuals

Free to play 

No adult content 

This is one of the most important sections of this game as without reading this you might end up wasting your time in the game. How? Because if you don't know how to start and play the game then how might you continue or stay in the game, you'll end up losing as you start to play it. Therefore don't skip this and know the necessary steps that are needed to play the game as follows: 

Step 1

There is no doubt that the game starts as soon as you tap to play it but after that, there will be some instructions and then choices that you need to make. What choices? You have to choose your character and blades that are available to you in the beginning and then go right into the field to cut the fruits into slices.

Step 2 

Next when you have decided your character and blade get ready to cut the fruits into slices with your blade. In the beginning, the game might seem easy to you as the fruits come down slowly giving you enough time to slice them but in the later stages, it is not going to be the Therefore even if the fruits are coming slowly you should maintain a good speed of cutting them.

Step 3 

Cut the fruits and unlock the next level. With the next level, you can access some more characters and blades but as told the game will be a little tough don't worry, and keep on practicing and mastering the game!

Are There Any Rewards

Yes, of course, there are many. After completing each time with a good score you can access other interesting characters, blades, themes, and locations as rewards. So there is not only one thing but many rewards so that you don't lose motivation to continue the game.


Fruit Ninja 2 is a free game that doesn't require much skill but just focuses to play and easily master it. Therefore if you want to improve your focus then you can try this game which doesn't compromise the player's need for entertainment or fun. 

So, are you ready to make your free time interesting? Yes, then go and try your hand on Fruit Ninja 2! 






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