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Cut the Rope 2
Om Nom breaks out of his box and travels through dense forests, busy cities, garbage dumps and underground tunnels, all in pursuit of one goal - candy

About Cut the Rope 2

Feed Om Nom candy by solving a series of puzzles in Cut The Rope 2

Om Nom is the green monster that is hungry for candy, and it is following the trail to go back to its home. You can either lead On Nom to the candy, or make the candy roll towards it. Be careful, because both Om Nom and the candy can fall off the screen, and it will be game over. If the candy rolls off the screen, Om Nom will look sad and you will have to restart the game. 

The game has a pathway map that Om Nom travels on while eating his favorite candy. The red and yellow candies are the ones that you can land on and play, while the blue wrapped ones are locked levels. On the top left are the amount of coins you have, while the sun on the top right corner is the amount of turns you get. Once you reach zero, Om Nom will be tired and you will need a rest. 

Cut The Rope 2 involves cutting ropes and nudging the candy towards Om Nom via a series of moves. Once the candy reaches Om Nom’s mouth,  you can advance to the next level without gaining any medals. There are 3 ways to gain a medal for each level: collect the required amount of fruits, collect all the stars in the level, or collect required star(s) with an additional 

rule. The medals help you open the gates towards new levels and treasures. 

How To Use Currency

The coins that you collect in the game are for you to buy power-ups and hints. There are 3 types of power- ups in the game that help you succeed. The red balloons float the candy or log into the air, the teleporters will move Om Nom to the candy, the bomb blows up things. As long as the rules allow it, you can use the power-ups to gain the requirements. 

If you are stuck, there is the hint fairy you can purchase with coins. Hint fairies will glow around to show you what to do before flying away. You can use hints any time in the game, and to get all the medals. 

You can also dress up Om Nom, head to the customization tab and you will see Om Nom’s hats available with different coins and additional perks. You can also change the candies to suit your taste, each new candy will also give you one booster a day, depending on which candy. The line that appears when you swipe, called traces, are also customisable. And buying special traces gives you more coins to spend in the store. 

Need a booster quick but no coins? You can purchase coins with real money. The boosters are only available through the coins. If you do not have enough coins, you can first buy enough coins with real money, or play spin the wheel for random boosters or coins. 

Nommies in Cut The Rope 2

On some levels, you have friends and additional tools to help you pass a level. There are nommies like Licky, whose tongue will stick to another surface to act like a block or a base. Blue is a nommie that duplicates itself when you tap on it. Roto is a flying nommie that will pick up candy or logs when it touches them. 

Some levels have a blue air cushion, or a magnet that attracts candies. They are there to help Om Nom get the candy, although you do not have to use them if you do not want to. Usually, you will be trying to get the candy to Om Nom, but you can also make it go to the candy, or make them meet in the middle. 

There are many ways to deliver sweets to Om Nom, and every decision can yield different results. Cut the rope 2 follows normal rules of real life, such as when you swing the candy before cutting it, it will fall in the direction it was swinging instead of straight down. Or when you drop Om Nom from a high place, it will roll downwards. So look out for slopes and corners that will cause things to bounce off, and you have to either avoid it and use it to your advantage. You are welcome to share your game experience in the comment area below so that more people will like this game!"




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