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Happy Glass
The cup is sad because it is empty. Your job is to draw a line so the cup fills with liquid and smiles again!

About Happy Glass

We often play mobile games to pass some quality time doing nothing or simply relaxing. If you are looking for one of these games that you can play to be absolutely relaxed, then you must have Happy Glass. It is a game regarding a glass which you have to fill up with water. This is an easy and very simple game yet it is interesting as you need to brainstorm in certain parts. Want to know more about this game in details? Read on.

Gameplay & Overview

Being an absolutely free game, it offers the fun and entertainment you are looking for. This game is based on a glass. You have to fill up that glass with water to make it happy. But there is some twist. To make sure that the glass is filled with water, you have to draw lines in order to divert the water coming out of the source into the glass. The source of water can be anywhere on the gaming screen. You have to ensure that the water exactly falls into the glass to fill it up.

There are different levels in this game and each level comes with a different challenge. The challenge is how to fill up the glass with water without spilling much outside. The gameplay is quite simple but it involves some basic physics that you have to figure out to fill up the glass. Once the glass is filled, the glass becomes happy and you win that level. To know exactly how you can fill up the glass or how to play, you have to keep reading.

Features of Happy Glass

The Happy Glass game comes with some amazing features that make this game even more interesting and exciting to play. Here are some of the significant game features:

Relaxing theme for pure fun 

Unlimited number of tries 

Draw some lines to play this game

Simple and fun yet smart puzzles 

Each level is challenging

Many levels to play for

Continuous updates add more levels to the game

In-app purchases available for enhancing game experience

Besides these, you also get daily bonuses and rewards. You can even get 2 free hints every day while playing this game. You can use these hints to get an idea about how to successfully cross the levels.

As mentioned above, it is quite easy and simple to play this game. There are certain things that you need to keep in your mind while playing this game. Once you have this game, you have to tap the screen to start.You will be started from the Level 1. You will see there is a glass and you have to fill that glass with water. 

You will also notice that there is a dotted line marking on the glass. You have to make sure to fill up the glass with water till the dotted line. If you fail to get the water to the dotted line, then you will fail that level. The water source can be located anywhere on the screen. You need to make sure that you are drawing lines or circles or anything in order to make the water flow to the glass.

As the level increases, you will see that the game gets tougher. You will have to deal with a lot of hindrances and obstacles. But you need to make a proper plan to divert the water seamlessly to the glass. This is where your physics knowledge will come to play. This game is all about presence of mind. Once you cross the level, you will be able to collect some rewards. You can use the hints too. 

Play Now

Doesn’t this game sound exciting? If you would like to try this game too, then please join Happy Glass.You will surely love playing this fun yet smart game. It is quite addicting and you will really get hooked to this game. Once you start playing and enjoying it, make sure to come back here and leave your reviews or tips as a comment below. It can be really helpful for all the new players who are looking for some feedbacks or tips to play this game seamlessly. 






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