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Geometry Dash Lite
Control the geometry and sprint forward through levels full of obstacles!

About Geometry Dash Lite

Are you bored in your free time, don't you have any interesting things to do to remove your boredom? Then you need to know about -Geometry Dash Lite which is a median game that means not so tough and not so easy as well. Therefore you can play this game with the minimum skills also but will require practice in the later levels to cross them. So, let's not reveal everything here and jump directly to the next important sections of the game, which are as follows: 


Geometry Dash Lite is an action-based game where you have to fly your path through dangers. To protect yourself you can flip and fly while passing through dangerous paths and difficult obstacles.

The game contains everything that an adventure-lover player like you has always craved. There are many interesting things to know about this game which you can uncover as follows:  

Features Of Geometric Dash Lite 

Do you know what makes a game good or bad? The features of any game decide whether the game is going to be loved by a player or if the player is going to find it hard to play the game. So, let's know what features Geometric Dash Lite offers for its player. The features are as follows: 

Many new icons waiting to be unlocked

Can customize your character

Action platforming based on rhythms 

Free to play 

Can sharpen your skills using the practice mode 

Flip gravity, fly rockets, and many such things 

Easy to play but hard to master 

Wonderful graphics and themes that make the game interesting 

No adult content 

Numerous levels 

Motivational soundtrack

Challenging obstacles 

Geometry Dash Lite isn't an easy game that you can play and master in one stroke. It requires practice to master it. But before you can practice, you need to know what you are going to do next once you have added the game to your device and opened it.So, you don't worry because you can know the rules and steps that you have to follow while playing, so these steps are as follows: 

Step  1

This is the initial step where you have to be a little careful as this will decide your whole journey in the game so have some patience. As soon as you tap on the start button on the screen the game will pause for a few seconds as some information will be displayed on your screen. So don't skip that information read it carefully and discern what it is trying to say. 

Step 2

Now, after you have watched the displayed demonstration carefully start the game. Run your way carefully, beating all the obstacles and evils. The path isn't an easy one as many other things will not allow you to run smoothly. Those things could be anything like holes, spikes, thorns, etc. So be careful.

Step 3 

In the long run, don't forget to collect the rewards and points that lie your way as they are the most important thing. But this doesn't mean that you put your life at risk to collect them. Get them only when there are fewer chances to be killed by the devil or to fall into the traps. 

What About Rewards? 

You don't have to panic regarding this because there are many rewards to appreciate your hard work. The question you should ask is what are rewards and how can you earn them? So, read carefully that after killing every obstacle or beast you will be given some points. You have to collect certain points and then use them to purchase powerful tools. These powerful tools will make you strong and will increase your lives also. So, next time if you finish up all your given lives then you can use these points to buy a life for yourself and continue the game from where you have left it before.

So, isn't it wonderful that you don't lose the game even if you have exhausted all your lives but if you have plenty of points?


Geometry Dash Lite is a good game to play in your free time. It doesn't require money to access and neither has any complex rules to be followed. 

So, get up and do something interesting playing Geometry Dash Lite! 



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