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HOMER Learn Grow
Can build school and life skills - takes children on a personalized learning journey that boosts their confidence and grows with them.

About HOMER Learn Grow

Learn how to do basic reading and math in HOMER Learn & Grow, everything is personalized to keep your child going. 

When you first start the app, there are a few questions you have to answer before you enter the main page. HOMER Learn & Grow collects information such as your child’s interest and age so it can create a learning program that suits. The first 6 steps involve getting to know your child better. The learning app recommends that you pick at least 4 of your children’s interests for a more diverse and exciting lesson plan. 

HOMER Learn & Grow offers to teach your child 5 different subjects: reading, math, social and emotional learning, creativity and thinking. Each subject uses different methods to engage your child in understanding language, math and social behaviors. They are also encouraged to use their imagination and resources around them. 

Learning Page

The app disguises learning as playing. At My Daily Plays, there are a few lesson plans that teach your child English and Mathematics while having fun. When you are tired of learning, head to the stories to have some fun in story time. If you think that your child is bored on the current stage, you can change the stage to a higher one in the child’s profile. Although the app will progressively get more difficult to match the child’s growing intelligence. 

There is no currency in HOMER Learn & Grow, since your child does not need to buy any additional options in the game. The app follows a subscription service, and you can renew it monthly or annually. The subscription allows you to have up to 4 child profiles, it also allows you to play the app when you do not have Internet connection. 

Learn While Play

Your child will have a task to complete, and a set of questions. Depending on the questions on the first 6 steps, the lessons might be different. Since the lesson plan is based on age, there is no worry that the questions will be too easy or too hard for your child. There is also no penalty for wrong answers, because children learn by repetition. 

The tasks are interactive and fun, so your child can easily remember the lesson. The music and pictures are cute and simple. Each level is short, about 5 questions. It is enough to keep your child’s attention and generate an exciting result after. Your child can keep playing until they are ready to move on. 

HOMER Learn & Grow prides on providing a customized plan for each child, but children also learn through repetition. Each lesson is repeated in different ways so that it does not feel like learning. When your child is sick of learning 123 and abcs, they can listen to an uplifting story. Even in story time, HOMER teaches the children good reading habits. 

Explore with HOMER

Aside from numbers and letters, your children can learn about something that they really like! When you like dinosaurs, the app offers you activities that relate to looking for dinosaurs. While looking for bones, HOMER sneaks in a learning opportunity. Your child will have guides that explain the steps, they are in safe hands. 

The guides in HOMER can keep guiding your child until they understand the instructions, the words are usually simple and easy. Even if your child does not really understand, they can experiment until they figure out how. Each activity is simplistic in design, so it is easy to guess what you have to do. Once you have brushed the sand out of all the bones, you can then place them in the correct order.

Your child can learn how to say please and thank you, as well as learning about different perspectives and how to express themselves in a positive manner. You can start as early as age 2, and HOMER Learn & Grow can cater to older children by supporting their educational development. If you enjoyed having HOMER Learn & Grow in your home as a learning aid, share your thoughts in the comment area below so that more people can like this.  

Children have short attention spans, and their interest varies from time to time, which is why HOMER offers many . 




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