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4.1 is a web-based massively multiplayer online game released in 2016


You may not like snakes, but you can play a game that involves reptiles. Don’t be scared, because these snakes will not harm you, because you will be their master and control them on your mobile screen. The previous version of Slither io was to feed the snakes pellets and watch them grow. But the latest version has changed to multiplayer gameplay, and the gaming technique has become different too. In the latest game version, you have to feed the snakes colored orbs, avoid other reptiles so they don’t eat your pet, and you have to push other snakes to crash on your side of the game board. Here are some tips you can consider to explore this game more.

Your snakes will live off the glowing orbs only. When they consume the same, it will enhance their size, and they will get better energy. When your snake becomes big and can take on other snakes easily only then you can trap smaller reptiles. You must start with small steps because if you try to take down bigger snakes at the beginning, they will eat you faster. So, you need to think strategically and wait until you get bigger to take on the smaller snakes. In addition, you will get two orbs that are different from the other orbs on the game board. When a snake falls and crashes, they provide all the orbs they have previously consumed. A big snake will offer more orbs when it dies. You can find the same to feed your snake so they become big. If your snake becomes enormous, you can catch and destroy a lot of other reptiles.  

Features of Slither io

Slither io is all about feeding your snake, making them big, and defeating all the other small reptiles on the board. Every level will have something new, and you can progress confidently with careful observation and your skills. Here are the key features you need to know to dominate the game.

You will get alerts about the nearest snakes, even though you cannot see them. 

You will get several play styles

Get the best neon and colorful graphics to get an almost live snake

Play with millions of others from around the world

You can decorate your snake with twelve skins available in the game

Slither io can be super entertaining if you know how to play it well. You might think that you can destroy all the other snakes to win the game. However, you can explore more and progress fast. Consider the following if you want to know how to achieve this.

Step One: Stay near the big snake

At the beginning of the game, you are small in size, and to get big you need to follow a big snake on the game board. Stay at the end of its tail, or middle section. This will help you when the snake dies, you can eat the orbs immediately before anyone else. However, you have to be careful while following this strategy, because other small snakes will be doing the same, so you might have to get into a fight with them. 

Step Two: Gallop the leftovers on the board

A growing snake needs to feed as much as possible, and this is the way you will get a large snake in You need to gobble up the leftover glowing dots on the platform as much as you can. When a larger worm dies, they leave a lot of glowing orbs, and to eat them you might have to engage in a fight and it can kill you. Until you become a skilled snake, you must stay on the outskirts, and wait for the other reptiles to clear the field. Then, you can enter the board to eat the leftovers. 

Step Three: Stay away from the evil snakes

As you are trying to destroy your enemies on the game board, other snakes are also looking for the same opportunity. If you see smaller snakes, they will try to destroy you, but you will get alert when you have been targeted. A nearby snake might start to follow you, and if you are not big enough, the best you can do is run. If you are big enough to fight back, then you can coil yourself around the smaller enemy, and this way you can protect your head. 

What Are the Rewards?

The rewards in this game are skins, and cosmetics. You can earn them when you win each level, also using some codes. enables you to play with snakes. The game circles around feeding the snakes, and destroying others. Also, you will have glowing dots to feed the reptiles. Learn from initial levels and be watchful. The later levels will be challenging, and you will face difficulties winning the levels.

Enjoy the game and share your experience. It will help beginners to understand the game and have more fun!




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