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Incredibox is a music app that lets you create your own music with the help of a merry crew of beatboxers. Choose your musical style among 8 impressiv

About Incredibox

Are you a music lover? If yes then the game that you are going to know today is going to be the best among those that you have ever tried because "Incredibox" might be everything that a music lover thought of. So, let's get started as follows: 

Incredibox as the name suggests is an incredible game that is going to entertain you for many hours especially when you are very fond of music. 

The gameplay is very simple as you have to compose music here in whatever style you want to. You can don any costume whether it is of Hindu Gods or Korean Pop Stars dresses and many much more.

You have to unlock the combos and make your mixes. These mixes are votable which means that the other players who are either playing this game from other corners of the world or are just following it. 

Now let's move on to know the steps that are necessary to take while playing. Though the game doesn't require any great skills to play because of its easy starting and settings, if you know every step before playing the game then you'll be saving a lot of time. So, let's discuss those steps in detail as follows:

Step  1

As you know that the game has many avatars and you can choose any one among them so first choose your avatar and then proceed in the game. Then you have to sing as an avatar and begin to compose your music. You can compose the music in as many styles as you want.

Step 2

Next, you have to start making the mixes and if you are not able to do that then don't worry and let the autotune do that for you.

Step 3

Now it's time for voting that the other players will do for you. You can also participate in it and listen to other mixes that other players have made, you can vote for the one you find the best and let other people do the same for you.

Step 4 

Unlock the other features of the game now only when you have earned enough points, votes, and rewards. Using those features you can make your game smooth which will be a great advantage for you and get ahead of other players. You can establish your name among the top players of the world in the game of Incredibox by playing the best way you could.

Features Of Incredibox 

The game has a lot of features in it which is the reason why this game is loved by many people from all across the world. To understand any game properly it is very important to know its features of it therefore to help you below are discussed the characteristics of Incredibox, read them as follows: 

Unique gameplay 

Not so expensive to buy and play 

Great for music lovers 

No third-party advertisements in between

Can save your progress and share it with your dear friends 

Amazing 3D graphics and themes

Numerous levels

Easy to play but hard to master 

What About Rewards

There are many rewards that you can make yours and also there are several ways to get them. Because the game runs around music therefore the rewards also surround it. 

You can get the upgrade of many tunes and musical instruments, can also unlock the avatars, and can also customize them. So, want to know how you can achieve all these things? For this, you have to complete each given task like composing your music. Composing music up to a certain limit will give you points and rewards and now you know what will get in that.

Final Thoughts

You may find the Incredibox expensive but you should also know that all these features that you have read above are worthy of this money. The game developers have tried their best to keep the game safe from third-party interference which requires some technology and technology can't be bought for free and this is the reason why it is not provided for free. 

Hope you have understood all the things well now. So, now you can play Incredibox without any worries!




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